May 13, 2009

I have been CRAZY busy lately. Buying a new home, trying to finish all of the paperwork and making sure to exercise everyday can take a lot out of a person...but it's a good thing and each time I have accomplished something lately it has made me feel truly great and excited about being one step closer to our goals.
The work hasn't stopped at work either and I have had numerous photo assignments and editing work to do. One of the fun things I did recently was photograph new areas of Kansas City for the KC Annual Report. I guess years ago our CEO was talking to the Governor and in conversation the governor said he would like to start having a yearly annual report for the city of KC... to which our CEO responded, "We can do that for you!"
It takes a lot of work, but i'm proud to be with a company that is so hands-on and doesn't sit in the sidelines waiting for things to happen. Especially right now when working for a good company is imperitive to surviving the economy....but I digress... The city officials sent over photos that weren't very good for the report, so my boss decided it would be a great opportunity for me to get out there and flex my photographic muscles.
So, now I invite you to enjoy my small tour into some of the highlights of the new Downtown Kansas City....

The Power and Light District.

18th & Vine's new raingarden

Bartle Hall's new terrace and sculpture garden

The Federal Reserve Bank and new Money Museum

Liberty Memorial and the KC Skyline. :)

I think Downtown KC is really becoming quite beautiful...although, I don't love the traffic so much. Enjoy!

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