May 15, 2009

The Spin Cycle

Last Night I lost my breath and had a small little meltdown.
Spencer and I finally posted our apartment to Craigslist, and as I wrote the ad singing the praises of our home it made me really sad to leave such a great home. A home that Spencer and I have grown together and fallen further in love. I love our apartment and I love nights sitting on the couch with Spencer as the breeze blows in the windows.
Within a half hour we had 5 responses from people wanting to see our home! I didn't realize how quickly things would move and I got a little out of breath and my heart started beating a little bit faster.
I'm excited to move and I know that we are going to make this new home just as special, and even more so as we grow our little 4-legged family. I'm prepared, but at the same time i'm terrified and i'm excited and really...i'm just one big ball of rolled up emotions set on the spin cycle and turned into a sloshing soapy mess. But the plus side is, after all the spinning I should come out clean and ready for another day.

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