May 1, 2009

Wanted: Relaxation

I would like to step aside for a moment and just scream. Just let it all out. Let all the jumble of thought and worry that it squishing my insides out in one gigantic burst of activity. Alas...I am not at home..and even if I were to excuse myself for a moment and step outside it wouldn't be very private and everyone might think I was a little bit mental.

Usually when I reflect back on things it was a month, or even a year ago that I compare to this present moment in time. Not today however as my life has drastically changes in less than 1 week.
This past sunday I sat at the kitchen table and I wrote a paper. Little did I know my week was going to take some amazing turns after I turned that paper in.
On tuesday I went to class. I was prepared and ready to finish my very first graduate class. I got up to give my presentation and everything went flawlessly. Everyone loved it and told me I rocked the house! I went home and was super excited and couldn't sleep! Spencer and I stayed up watching Fringe and I went to bed at around 12:00. The next day we awoke to rain. At 5:00pm we met Rhonda to look at a few houses that looked worth our time to checkout. We drove around to look at each house, and then we saw it. A perfect little house, only 3 blocks from my work with the most beautiful porch I have ever seen! Everything about the house from the second we walked in felt like a home. We went home and talked about it and decided we wanted Spencer's dad to see it.
Wednesday we met Rhonda at 11:30. Mom and spencer's dad Steve met us and they looked at this adorable little home. They both really liked it, and Spencer and I fell even further in love with it. It looks like our home. Our place to spend time together, bake cookies and raise puppies.
This morning we made an offer. I have signed my name on the dotted line and I can't wait to hear back. They may not accept our offer, and I keep that in the back of my mind as I toy with the ideas of where to place furniture, a flipbook of paint colors flips in my head and I wonder where we can score an affordable washer & dryer.
I'm terrified and excited all at once and ready to find a place to call our Home Sweet Home. :)

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