April 29, 2009

Bootcamp starts in 4 days

Spring is here, i'm done with class and it's time to turn over a new leaf and get back into the groove of being healthy.
I joined Sparkpeople a few months back and today I got an e-mail about their bootcamp program. It's free to do and just requires your own motivation and willpower to complete. The program starts May 3rd and continues for 4 weeks. The program utilizes:

*A 7-Day Workout Program. daily workout videos that take less than 10 minutes to complete! Do just ONE video each day
*Five 30-minute cardio sessions each week. You pick the cardio and the intensity!
*Daily bonus challenges and tips. Each day, we’ll post a bonus challenge that will help you achieve your goals.
*Weekly SparkMails for motivation and ideas for the upcoming week.

The program doesn't include diet restrictions, and I don't plan to restrict myself and cut out certain foods. However, I do plan to pay attention to portion sizes and make healthier decisions. I think that the farmers market will become very handy in the coming months. :)
I'm really excited to start on sunday this weekend and hopefully this fairly intense month of fitness and exercise will help jumpstart my butt into gear and I will continue, with a little less grueling, program once the month is complete.

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Dave and Charlotte said...

Hi Jenni,

Thanks for the link to our site : ) Always love when people out there appreciate our work and take the time to check out our site.

Love your blog btw! Good luck with the healthier routine.