April 28, 2009

Inspiration and occasional belly laughs

In the past few months of living in the blogging universe, I feel like I have gotten such an education that I never would have received otherwise. I get to treat myself daily to an orgy of amazing photographers, beautifully styled foodie blogs, gorgeous clothing, uplifting stories and feel good sites.

One of my favorite blogs is of course The Brightside Project! I’ve talked about this one before but I think it’s just such an amazing site. It’s uplifting to go and read other people’s stories, although I do roll my eyes from time to time at people who are like, “I was beaten and abused as a child! Please give me this bracelet so it can heal my wounds!!!’ Ok, that may not be word for word…but still…people get a little ridiculous.

I am also in love with Pacing the Panic Room. The guy who writes this blog is just so dang entertaining in his writing style! He also has the prettiest photo series that I have seen in quite some time. He does a photo each week documenting his wife’s pregnancy. The photos and messages attached are enough to melt the heart and truly inspired.

A third great blog I have found is Simple Lovely. This blog is beautiful. From the color choices, down the topics of conversation. The woman who writes Simple Lovely is named Joslyn. She writes with a passion, and recently completed a month in which she dubbed, “The spending hiatus”. She spent an entire month only buying necessities and not wasting on frivolities. She would report each week on things she had bought and at the end of the month splurged on some beautiful, yet practical, bikes. She has truly inspired me that I don’t need little things and I should instead focus on the larger picture. I have caught way back on my spending, and amazingly I am watching my credit card debt melt away as I make payments toward freedom and the future. I may not be buying a bike this month, but I will be spending money on a home and a fuzzball soon enough. I think those 2 items will more than make up for me not buying the newest shade of nail polish or cosmopolitan magazine.

I fight the urge to pack-up and move to Paris when reading little brown pen. The blog of an American writer living in Paris. Her photographs and stories paint such a beautiful image to the mystery and cobble-stoned streets of one of the most romantic cities in the world! Her son is adorable to boot and she has quite a knack for photographing images that tell a real story and remind me how much beauty there is in an unexpected place…even in a waffle.

My final favorite of the day is Bliss A lovely site with an assortment of eye candy. She does a feature each week called “I heart Monday.” where she shows you the beautiful items she has coveted for the last week. I have found some beautiful etsy artists, as well as amazing clothing and d├ęcor through her weekly loves list.

All of these writers update frequently, and each of their posts are filled with imagery, joy and touching reminders about life. They help me get through the dreary days and remind me that there is always something bigger and better out there to discover and enjoy.

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