April 28, 2009

Puppies and property

So as you all know, Spencer and I are looking at houses. We have about 8 to look at tomorrow after work and I really hope we find a good one soon! The reason you ask?
...Well last night I recieved an e-mail from one of the Sprits breeders I have been communicating with and a litter of puppies is expected on, or around, May 10th! I am of course on the waiting list for one of these beautiful dogs. The mom and dad are both champions, and the mother was actually the first German Spitz on record to be born, and bred, in the United States!

This is the mommy. She's a beautiful lady named Dream. (there's more to the name, but it's a kennel name so it gets long) I love how smiley she is in this photo!

...and this is the daddy! When he was a cute little puffball of a puppy of course.

I am just so excited! The puppies will be able to come home around mid-July so if we move by then, and if I get one (I'm 5th on the waiting list) we may have a new little puffball of our own!!!!!

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