June 24, 2009

The Picture Tells The Story...

Traceytagged me in a fun photo post. (thank you!)
So here are the rules...
* Open my first photo folder
* Scroll down to the 10th photo
* Post that photo and story on my blog
* Tag five friends to do the same

This photo was taken almost exactly one year ago! The photo is of my mom, sister, aunt and I at my mom's 50th Birthday Party!
My mom is an amazing woman. Since I was 16 years old she has been mother and father, and has worked to make the lives of my sister and I as normal, and wonderful, as possible. She has slowly become a best friend who I can tell anything to, while still being a mom that I can go to in times of need and offer motherly advice. For her 50th Birthday my sister and I wanted to do something REALLY special. We made her 50th birthday one she will always remember and laugh about.
About 2 months before the big day, we began planning. We called my aunt who lives in Florida and asked her to fly in for the big day, but not let mom know that she is coming. At 6:00 we pulled up to her house in a limo filled with my aunt, sister, me and 7 of moms closest and dearest friends. All of us got out of the limo and stood in the driveway while the limo driver went to knock on the door (except for my aunt who hid inside the car while we blocked her from view) My mom answered the door looking completely confused and then screamed as she saw everyone standing in the driveway! Then in the next second my aunt flew out of the crowd and made my mom so shocked she started jumping out of down and couldn't say anything other than, "Oh my god..." (Here's a photo of her after my aunt ran out)

We took mom inside and got her changed and back into the limo where we took the photo of the 4 of us above. After taking the photo we all headed out for dinner at Houlihans, followed by some bar hopping at Kansas City's Power & Light District.

....but the party didn't stop there! At 10:00 we had a second suprise for mom. We all piled back into the limo and headed back toward her house. She was so confused and couldn't see why we were already heading back home. Then we pulled into this little tiny bar. We got out of the limo, grabbed moms gifts and led her into the bar where every other person she has even known yelled Suprise!....and mom completely lost it and started crying. We had drinks, cake, decorations and lots of friends & relatives. It was a truly amazing night, and one my mom loves to talk about to anyone she meets. :)

Now I tag.....anyone who reads this, particularly.....

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KLaw said...

Cute! Thank you for the tag :)

Tracy-Girl said...

That is so amazing.. I love this post because I get to hear everyones fun stories! I love it! Your mom sounds amazing