June 24, 2009

Do I smell clean clothes?

Last night was a wonderful night. Spencer and I drove out to Grandma's and picked her up. She was super talkative and it seemed, just as excited as us! We drove to Sears and went in. Grandma told us to just take our pick from all of the top-load washers and dryers! We ended up buying a beautiful GE washer and dryer. Energy Star certified, large load, high efficiency, with a stainless steel basin to help neutralize oder! Grandma even bought the 5 year protection plan on both pieces so we can have people come out for yearly maintenance, and to protect against any issues with the unit that come up! She is such a sweet grandma! I love her. :) She just kept giggling and saying she wished someone could have done this for her when she was just starting out.
After our shopping expidition we headed out to Outback Steakhouse where we had a blooming onion, salads and a fantastic meal! I got slow cooked tenderloin with crab stuffed shrimp. SOoooooo incredible! :)

In other news....We get ownership of our home in 8 hours! At 5:00 Spencer and I will walk into our home together for the very first time! I can't wait to turn on the air conditioning and revel in the fact that we don't have to listen to people walk around/ drag chairs across the floor, in the apartment above us, or hear the AWFUL music coming from below us... Tonights big goal: Paint the living room!


KLaw said...

Yay! Isn't it so much fun to shop for these kinds of things? My husband things I'm nuts for catching cheap thrills with regard to kitchen appliances and decorating. ha!

(so jealous of your bloomin onion. haven't had one in years)

Jenni said...

Yeah I realized last night that I guess i've grown up since the idea of washing clothes in my own home was as exciting as a brand new flatscreen! :)