June 23, 2009

A Whirlwind 24 hours!

Well, Spencer and I are officially homeowners! We closed on our house yesterday and got a key! (Although we can't use the key until wednesday at 5, or until we get the go ahead that the previous owners have moved on out.)
After we closed on our glorious home and I signed my name on a stack of papers 2" thick.....my hand hurt a little.... we drove to our tax guy and turned in the paperwork so he can process everything for our tax reimbursement! We should get our big check, courtesy of Mr. Obama and Co.'s brilliance, in a month.
We ate a quick lunch fit for royalty, a la Burger King, and Spencer drove me back to work. I was TOTALLY unable to concentrate by any stretch of the imagination!
After a grueling 3 hours, 5:00 finally arrived and I gathered my things to leave. I met Spencer at Sherwin Williams where we used our $10 off of $25 coupons (We're buying a can at a time so we can keep getting $10 off and so far have saved $40!) We then drove to the grocery store and indulged in buying some sandwich meats, chips, soda's and nutty bars. (I felt the need to treat myself with a Little Debbie celebration snack!)
We took everything back to the apartment and loaded up the fridge to await the big moving day. Then we headed to Lowe's to purchase some much needed painting accessories and a ladder. The ladder is only about 4 feet tall but i've never owned a ladder before, and it was a pretty important milestone in my little opinion. :) After Lowe's we picked up our TV mount at the UPS location downtown (I am more excited than ever to finally mount our tv!!!!) and picked up some burritos from a little slice of heaven, that looks like a slum. Pancho's. My burrito was sooo good and juicy...in fact, I ended up with juice all over my hand. (The best foods are always the messy ones!
Once we got home and relaxed a bit we started packing more. We seriously live in a sea of boxes right now. Every step you take you have to plan out so as not to bump into something! We packed up our kitchen and then Spencer went out to the car to get more boxes. While he was gone I checked my phone and was suprised to see that my dear sweet grandma had called. I called her back and she asked how moving was going, and then told me something that made my jaw hit the floor and angels sing from the heavens. She wanted to buy us a brand new washer and dryer as a housewarming present!!!!!!!! She asked when we would be available to join her at Sears to find this holy appliances and we are going tonight! No more quarters, no more community washing machines, no more laundry mats watching the clothes go around and around.... We are going to be able to wash our own clothes, in our own home without having to carry around a pound of change!!!!! Seriously, with these AND our new dishwasher Spencer and I aren't going to know what to do!

Sooooo tonight we are driving to my grandma's house to pick her up and going shopping at the mecca of appliances...Sears. Followed by a nice little dinner and chat with the sweetest grandma in the world.

Life seriously can't get any better than this!

Oh wait, I also saved $10 on dog food!!!! It was on sale and I had a coupon!

Tomorrow we begin our big move... :) (MANY photos to come!!!)


KLaw said...

Congratulations!!! After all of our ups and downs with home buying, I can only imagine how elated you both must be. I can't wait to see pictures!

Tracy-Girl said...

Amazing... CONGRATS! A new house is a HUGE step... and right now is a perfect time. Good luck finding the appliances tonight with your gram. How fun. You will remember this time for the rest of your life!

Tracy-Girl said...

PS. I tagged you in my last post... hope you get the time to do it so I can learn some fun facts :)