August 25, 2009


The floors are finished! YAY! I went home this morning and dropped off Mia in the bathroom and opened up a few windows to vent out the fumes a bit. Photos will be coming soon!
I can't wait until 5:00 when I get to go home. I can't move anything until Spencer gets home at 7:30, but I plan to order some chinese for dinner and maybe put our bookcase together while Mia romps around outside chasing birds & squirrels. :)
She was sooo happy this morning when we pulled into the driveway and she saw that we were at her house! Although she wasn't so happy when I put her into the bathroom with her kennel and turtle toy. She doesn't like when we have to leave....

To get me through my morning i've been listening to Sara Bareilles, "Love on the Rocks". You should check it out!

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