August 24, 2009

A sneak peek... :)

In 24 hours Spencer and I will be able to go home. I am ecstatic and can not wait. I miss our home. Our daily routine. Our little life that just the two of us know about….
We stopped by on Friday to see the floors post-sanding. Here is what greeted us…..

Are these not the most beautiful floors ever! The guy said that if we had asked him to come in and lay down floors like this then it would have cost a pretty penny. He said we were lucky to have such a beautiful surprise hidden beneath our carpet. ☺
We picked the finish we wanted put down. This was still wet, and it utilized a flash on the camera but the floors look like this with a little less of an orangy/yellow cast to them. The little brown box was there because we have dark black-brown furniture and wanted to have a comparison point.

We saw the color on Sunday and it is BREATHTAKING. We LOVE it. They do the final clearcoat this afternoon and we go home tomorrow! I can’t wait to take pictures! Our final thing to finish everything (other than putting furniture in) will be to put a quarter round at the bottom of all the trim (There used to be one and they tore it off when they laid the carpet which is why it looks jagged) and put crown molding up. I can’t wait!!!!

Mia can't wait either! I think she misses her big backyard where she can run free of the leash. :)


bananas. said...

ooh! dontcha love when you can save money. your wood floors are gorgeous. it's looking fabulous already.

KLaw said...

yay!!! They're GORG!!!

Jenni said...

Thanks! Wait till you see them finished! :)

Kristin said...

WOW, what an amazing thing to discover! Beautiful!

Tracy-Girl said...

Oh my gosh... they look so good! One day... SO exciting!