August 20, 2009

Sunny Side Up!

This morning I worried I may not be able to write my sunny-side-up list. My morning has been less than fantastic. We are getting our floors refinished starting today. Our appointment was at 8am. The guy was going to show up and clear off a small space so he could lay down the colors and let us choose which one we wanted….well 8 came and went and then it was 9:00. He was an hour late. I tracked down his number and called and he told me he would be there around 11:30-12 but had to finish a 650 square foot job in Blue Springs first! (Blue Springs is about 30 minutes away) Needless to say, I was pissed. I had missed an hour of work, and we had woken up early to make sure our bed was off the floors and in the kitchen! Grrrr pissed off was an understatement for sure!
I was still mad as I turned on my computer and started to work, and then little rays of sunshine started spilling onto my computer screen from my blog feed. All of the lovely ladies that I read about each morning. Thoughts, feelings, opinions…and then a marvelous thing happened…I started to get excited about getting the floors done again and I just can’t wait to see it all finished! My rainclouds have gone away and I am here for the Sunny Side-Up Thurdays feeling great! Here are the things making me smile this week…

New Furniture! I can’t wait for the big Ikea delivery truck to deliver our dressers, my vanity and our wardrobes! I am so excited to see it all and make our home the way we want it!

Sonic, coffee & Bacon. I went there this morning to grab some coffee and a breakfast sandwich for me and the boy. I took Mia along so she was out of the way in case the guy came. She promptly stuck her head out the window and the Sonic cook saw her. He told her he was out of bacon because she had the begging eyes on and she cocked her head at him in that cute melt-your-heart kind of way. He broke down and went, “awwwww (in a baby voice) ok…I’ll get you some bacon” She sniffed it for a good 5 minutes and then gulped it down in 3.5 seconds. Apparently she is a big fan of bacon. ☺

Our floors. They may be frustrating right now but I can’t wait to see them in all of their natural beauty!

Sunny Side-Up Thursdays

Top Chef Las Vegas. First episode last night and I already have people I love and people who I want to throw the remote at. I think it’s going to be an amazing season and I was literally drooling over some of the food. (Luckily I had already made some yummy and HEALTHY roasted veggies for dinner) Wolfgang Puck was the guest judge and he was cracking me up! I love it when they have a good sense of humor. ☺ I can’t wait for next week!!!!

New. Season. Project. Runway TONIGHT!!!!! My favorite show is back! It didn’t get canceled and they didn’t change the format! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I hope they do another dog clothes episode!

And in other news Mia did something I was not happy with this morning. She was outside and I went to let her in. She looked at me and then bent down her head. I started hearing this buzzing as she started sprinting for the door. In 2.5 seconds she ran the length of the yard, bolted up the steps and ran through the door as the buzzing grew louder and she ran inside before I could catch her. She bolted into the bedroom where she promptly spit out, and began playing with, the biggest cicada I have ever seen in my life! I screamed, being the girl I am and threw a cup on top of it. Mia was soooo rpoud of herself….silly puppy. PS-Spencer disposed of the cicada outside and he flew away. He’s a good boyfriend. ☺

Stay Sunny-Side-Up!


KLaw said...

Cheer up baby doll! Lots of fun things today :)

Cicadas??? Ga-ROSS!!!!

Carol said...

I DVRed Top Chef, can't wait to watch it!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

oh no about the floor delays! i'm having my store's floors re-painted soon and absolutely have everything timed out to the hour. i would die if the crew shows up late!!!!