August 27, 2009


The lovely Nina over at Naturally Nina listed some of her habits today and it made me want to list mine as well, and self reflect upon them.

So here they are, in all of their honest glory:

habits of mine i like:

- my thirst for knowledge
- my motivation to keep pushing myself
- seeing possibilities in the, supposedly, impossible
- the way I smile at the most mundane things
- the curiosity of always wanting to know what is behind the door
- my need to have things in order

habits of mine i'd like to wish away:

- Being perpetually late to work wishing the minutes would slow down!
- biting my nails... almost there!
- grabbing a pint of ice cream and it being gone before I realize it.
- letting my laundry pile grow until I have no clean underwear
- worrying about anything and everything each night before I go to sleep
- my need to have things in order

habits i'd like to adopt:

- a daily work-out
- the drive to get-up-and-go
- waking up early enough to have a relaxing breakfast
- reading for 30 minutes each night before bed
- making time on the weekends to snuggle before we start the day

Now it's your turn. What are your quirks and habits? The good...and the not so good.

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KLaw said...

I have a suggestion for calming your mind before bed. Definitely read, but take one Benedryl. I basically live on the stuff. It just kind of soothes me to sleep.