August 27, 2009

I would like to thank all the pigeons.

I am so honored today to announce that the lovely K. Law has awarded me with my second blog award!

The Premium Meme Award! long as I fulfill a few tasks anyways. First I need to tell a few little fun tidbits about myself that everyone doesn't know yet! Second, I have to pass on the love to a few more deserving ladies out there in the blog world. And, to that I say.....
Piece of cake!

So without further ado here are a few lesser known, and very important (ha), facts about moi.

1. I am a camel. I don’t even bother with regular glasses. I use a huge Adidas plastic sports bottle for my water at home, and I still end up filling it 2-3 times between the hours of 6 & 10. I can’t even begin to imagine how bad it will be whenever I end up pregnant. Yeesh!

2. I sprained my arm in kindergarten, and then proceeded to break it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. In high school when I would reminisce with Elementary School friends they said I was known as “the girl with the broken arm.” Although one girl did admit to being jealous of my hot pink casts!

3. I love the water. I can swim, float, stand or just soak in water for hours and I feel entirely at home and confidant. I used to wish I could be a mermaid, but would always change my mind because I couldn’t figure out how they went to the bathroom.

4. I love the color pink. I mean LOVE. When I was growing up I got to decorate my own room and picked pink carpet, pink wallpaper, pink bedding and pink curtains. I LOVED pink. And this was back in the 90’s when Pink was entirely un-cool. I always stuck by the color and it annoys me now when other people talk about how it has always been there favorite color….and they are the same people who used to make fun of me for it!

5. I am terrified when I’m home alone. I freak out at every little noise and I swear that someone is going to break-in and tie me up while Spencer is away.

6. I have a hard time spending $25 on a necklace when I’m out shopping. It seems so overpriced! If I find one on Etsy however for that same price…it’s a steal! I guess I think its ok when I know the money is going to an artist who put their own time and care into the jewelry.

7. When I was little my mom rescued a pigeon from a hungry cat. She had a hurt wing and couldn’t get away. We took it home with us and I named it Emily after my pre-school best friend. My dad took Emily outside everyday and we would watch her try to spread her wings. One day she did, without warning, and my heart broke a little as I watched her fly away. Over the years I have often thought back to Emily the Pigeon and wondered how her life turned out. I picture her living in a big green tree with a Mr. and a couple of babies….although, I imagine she really spent her life eating out of trashcans and pooping on things.

R.I.P. Emily

I would like to pass on the love to....

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You ladies are great and I love reading all about your adventures, thoughts and feelings. :)


KLaw said...

You just made my heart melt a little for poor little Emily. How adorable!

Oh, and totally getcha on the Etsy thing. I'd rather give my money to them than line the pockets of some corporate asshat.

Tracy-Girl said...

You are so funny! Your poor arm!!

Kelly said...

You rock! Thanks for tagging me... I will get to it this weekend for sure!

KLaw said...

jenni- I ordered it on Walmarts website. Can you believe it? I think $115 with shipping included. Can't beat it.

Carol said...

Thanks for the tag!! :) I love being out on the water too, so relaxing. Have a great weekend!