August 28, 2009


I was so busy yesterday writing about pigeons and pink casts that I completely forgot it was thursday, and therefor sunny-side-up thursdays! haha, well it has felt like friday since Tuesday.....made for a VERY long week.

So, without further ado, here is my Sunny Side Up! this week

1. Pacing the Panic Room Ryan, the guy who writes this blog is wonderful. He writes candidly, vividly and I love hearing his viewpoints on the ways the world works. Besides the fact that his kids are freaking adorable!

2. New floors. Our floors are absolutely GORGEOUS and have changed the feel of our entire house! Unfortunately, my camera is completely buried since we moved everything we own into the kitchen while the floors were getting re-finished. I plan to take photos this weekend and "unveil" them to you all on monday!

3. Photography Now that photography is my full-time job I started to lose passion for it. Recently my passion has been re-ignited however and I have been taking photographs like crazy!

4. Mia's bathroom behavior. Ok, this may be TMI but when we leave for the day we put Mia into the bathroom. She isn'tpotty trained yet, and we dont want her having accidents everywhere. Well the last few days I have come home she has been doing something strange, that makes me angry and makes me laugh at the same time! She has been unrolling the roll of toilet paper. I open the door and it's piled ALL over the floor! Then I look closer and its not just toilet paper. Monday she had a little poop and she completely wrapped the poop in toilet paper! it was rolled up tightly, nice and neat so I could just pick it up and drop it in the toilet! Then yesterday she had done the same thing on a spot that she had pottied! hmmmmm, maybe we'll teach her to get it in the toilet and flush now!

5. Grocery Shopping. I saved $50 yesterday by clipping coupons and watching for sales!

6. End-of-season sales We bought a BEAUTIFUL wooden bench and table from World Market this past weekend at 50% off! They are both sitting out on our patio, and look so lovely! Now I just need a big umbrella and the set will be complete! :)

7. Half-days! I've worked through lunch 3 days this week and have to again today. The plus side....I get to go home at 1:30!!!!!!

Happy Friday-Side-Up everyone!


KLaw said...

Yay! Another coupon girl! And that's too funny about Mia and her pooping. I wish I could teach our dog or cat to do that. Can't wait to see the floors!!

Tracy-Girl said...

that is so funny that she is unraveling the tp! :) Can't wait to see the floors!