September 2, 2009

Never-Ending boxes

So, we are still living amongst a midst of un-packed stuff. I have officially lost my battery charger to my camera and simply can not find it, alas I can not show off pictures of the beautiful floors!
Luckily, there is more coming soon that I need to take pictures of (it will all be here friday) so i should have a big reveal coming soon! Including floors, furniture and our newly accessorized deck with patio table, umbrella and bench. :) I can't wait to share all of our new treasures with everyone!!! In fact, it may have to be a multi-part series. I just love our home. :)
In other news, it has been strange here in Kansas City the past week or so with high's in the 70's and beautiful blue skies!!! It's been insane, but absolutely beautiful! I had to read for class last night and I sat out on the deck feeling the cool breeze and almost getting a little chilly! I really can not wait for fall! I want to see what color all of our leaves turn. (I'm crossing my fingers for bright reds and yellows !!!!) Fall is my favorite season....and here is why:

1. The leaves. I love staring out the window at the bright colorful trees, or taking a drive as the wind picks up and the leaves dance about in the wind.
2. The smells. I don't know what it is but fall in the Midwest smells amazing. The warm smell of burning wood, the crisp burst of fragrance in the air it's absolutely amazing!
3. HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite holiday! I love dressing up for the night and am always excited to plan the next outfit! Last year Spencer and I were the dormouse and hare from Alice in Wonderlands tea party!
4. Cider. It's abundant here in KC in the fall and I love heating a little up in a mug with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
5. The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte one word...YUM! LOVE IT!
6. hoodie season! I love pulling on a warm and cozy hoodie with a pair of jeans for a relaxing weekend running errands and visiting friends.
7. The anticipation that winter is around the corner and with that brings the first snowfall, twinkling white christmas lights, trips to Christmas in the Park, the smell of pine and movie filled weekends with hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket. :)

What is your favorite thing about the fall????!


KLaw said...

Oh i miss the seasons! Its just two here. Hot and hotter.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Everything you mentioned! I love fall!