September 16, 2009

The Betty Burger

This is Betty Buger.

My original thought was for us to name her Burger... I think I might have been hungry at the time... But then, she didn't look like a burger... so then I though about Top chef (because they sometimes make some really fantastic looking burgers) and then I remembered that the winner of the Top Chef burger challenge was Betty! She kind of looked like a Betty, and we decided her name should be "The Betty Burger" nickname: Betty. She seems to like the name and is already learning it. So now we have our little Mia "AKA: Pants" and Betty Burger!

We spent the weekend getting to know each other and ever since she came to our home we have had mega-puppy-rompus in every single nook! The girls love each other and we love them. Betty LOVES to cuddle and follows me around absolutely everywhere I go. Mia is way less of a crazy-pants and has been getting more cuddly herself since Betty is helping burn off her energy. The favorite game is for Mia to run in circles around Betty, and then Betty to randomly jump out and try to catch her! It's great fun for all!

Theme of last weekend: Play hard, sleep frequently!

Hi! My name is Betty Burger



Tag! You're it!

taking a break

Breaktime over!

evil scheming going on here...

...starting to get sleepy...


"uh mom...Betty is in my personal space..."

sooo sleepy...

and repeat!
That was how the weekend played out...and I loved every single moment of it!


KLaw said...

Oh my gawd! those two are the most adorable little things! Our 45 lb dog just isn't nearly as cuddly.

cristinrae said...

so cute! they look like they have a blast together!

bananas. said...

i want a betty burger!

Annie said...

you take great pictures lady!!
the pups are adorable, i want them! ;)

Carol said...

That sounds like a great weekend theme to me!

life according to celia... said...

betty burger?!!? you must be some sort of genius dog namer!