September 6, 2009

Dear Ikea...

Ikea, how can you be so smart in your design choices, yet so stupid when choosing your delivery services? First, i'm never provided with a tracking number. I'm a little irritated, but it's ok I just have to call the delivery company to check the status of my order. I'm told it will be here wednesday. Great! Spencer is off work and he'll be home to let the delivery guy in. On a hunch I call wednesday morning to verify what time they think they will be at the house. The answer, "uh, yeah....that didn't fit on the truck today so it won't be there until friday." (mind you, it had been at the missouri distribution center since the previous friday and only 3 hours away from my house!) I told them that was inconvenient, but as long as they were here by noon it would be fine and someone would be home at that time to take the delivery.

then we wait 2 days

Friday morning is exciting. I wake-up and fantasize about getting ready in frony of my new vanity as I blow-dry my hair and envision all my jewelry organized and in its place as I scramble to find a matching set of earrings. I go to work and decide to call when it's 10am and Spencer tells me they haven't been there yet. Me-"Um, i'm just checked to see what time my furniture will be there." Guy at distribution center-"Yeah, in your paperwork it says it should be there by 1." Me-"but I told you I need it by noon" guy-"Well, let me call the driver and see where he is and call you back. " me-"ok".

and I wait a full hour for the phone to ring....when it finally does...
"mam, I have some bad news. Our driver is sick. He's about 2 hours outside of Kansas City and he's fallen ill. He doesn't know if he will be able to make it all the way." me-"so, youre saying a guy is sitting on the side of the road sick, with my furniture and even though its been 3 days since i was supposed to get it, i'm not going to?" guy-"uh yeah, theres not much we can do. the latest you'll get it is next tuesday." So i'm irritated. I tell the guy to keep me updated throughtout the day and to have the delivery guy call me by the end of the day. Yeah, none of them called me and now it's sunday and I still haven't talked to them. I'm soooo irritated!!!!

But on the plus side I did call Ikea and complained to them and got my shipping back. All $450 of it! So it's not a total loss I just still want my furniture!!!!

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Sarah Rae said...

Nice work! $450 back on shipping, even with the wait, is a bonus!