September 8, 2009

Singin' the Blues

If you haven't already read about my delivery faux-pas see below.... Since my furniture didn't come however we had a lot of time on our hands this past weekend and decided that the time had come to change the outside of our house a bit and make it look more, "us".
This is the house the day we first saw it. (note it was raining and they had hanging flower baskets...which I am waiting for next season to buy)

...and this is the house after this weekend! A new blue door and shutters and new house numbers! (the old ones up close were a tacky decorative/art deco style font... not so cute.

The color came out a little bit lighter than we thought it would, but we still like it a lot! It makes our home seem a lot more cheerful! I can't wait until next season when I can pull out that HUGE plant on the corner and put in a pretty rosebush or something and put in some pretty flowers! (I'm thinking white and yellow)

PS-If anyone ever told you painting shutters was easy, they were WRONG!


KLaw said...

CUTE! It looks adorable!!! Totally brightens up the place.

bananas. said...

oh my gosh. i LOVE it! what a huge difference it makes. i would never think to do blue but you have just inspired me! FABULOUS JOB!!!

Annie said...

i love the blue!!
the house looks totally different!
super cute!

Kristen Sara said...

The colors look great!! It does look much more sunny and cheerful now! Well done!!