September 9, 2009

furniture, floors and pudding....?

It finally happened!!!

Our furniture arrived! Yesterday afternoon 2 men delivered all of these beautiful boxes to my frontdoor. I could barely concentrate all day knowing they were waiting for me at home!

I of course still had to wait for Spencer to come home to put it all together. Those boxes are heavy! So, I spent my evening watching some quality television and searching through blogs and playing with this little girl….
….she was a little bit crazy and wanted my attention about once every 5 seconds.

While I waited…I made pudding! I’m such a chef…. then Spencer got home and we started constructing furniture. We got one dresser done, but photos are going to wait until everything is complete!
In related news, Mia was still being mischevious and stealing the screws needed to put the dresser together….this was her being innocent and not letting us know where she hid everything…..

Bonus! Check out the pretty floors!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Here in KC it’s rainy…again…and it feels like fall has arrived, with a whole lot of mugginess thrown in. I will be having my first pumpkin spice latte of the season today to make it all official! ☺
Have a nice afternoon!!!


bananas. said...

YAY!!! so exciting! funny how these little things excite you now that you have your own home. wait til home depot and lowe's become your favorite stores. seriously, best stores ever!

Jenni said...

haha. I complely agree! I actually got a lowes giftcard for my birthday!

KLaw said...

Yay!!! I cant wait to see it all!!

That dog. Those ears. I just want to eat her up!