September 18, 2009

A Whirlwind Week!

This week has been crazy busy! We spent 3 nights this week getting invitations for our housewarming party created, printed and mailed out. I think they turned out pretty cute!

and now, here's this weeks....

1. Mums! I went out and got some pretty pots of mums from Lowe's to bring some color to our deck! I love the yellow and orange ones. :) Now I just need to decide wether to plant them, or leave them in pots!

2. Fall Weather I posted this on Naturally Nina when she asked begged the question, "Tell me a story."
Here's a story about a girl who works in an office and wishes she could be surrounded by beauty. A girl who gets one hour of freedom a day to go outside and breathe fresh air. A girl who went home today and took a step into her backyard oasis in the city with 2 little puppies who romped around her ankles and wiggled in excitement at being outside in the beautiful sunshine. A girl who breathed a deep sigh of relief and sipped her coffee as a soft breeze floated across the yard and the fur-babies flipped, tossed, barked and romped. A girl who couldn't stop staring in amazement as the breeze shook the trees and slowly dropped a cascade of never-ending yellow leaves across the green grass and filled the air with dancing autumn views. A girl named Jenni. I'm that girl. :) Fall weather just really makes me feel good!

3. Snow Boots It's a little early, but I am loving shopping for snowboots. I really need to find some nice new ones that will keep my feet warm and dry while we romp with the puppies and shovel the sidewalks! Does anyone know of any cute ones? (that don't cost $200)

4.THIS! haha if I wasn't at work I would be laughing my butt off!!!!!

5. Etsy I have decided that in my office nook I am going to cover the walls in random art that makes me smile. This piece by Lauren Gregg Is DEFINITLY on my list. :) Anyone know of anymore great artists out there?

Tonight I will be at work until around 10:00pm for our annual Client BBQ. It's going to be a LONG night but at least my job is photography so I get to mingle... When I get home i'm going to have to shower though because i'm sure I will be smelling like smoked meat and the dogs might enjoy the smell a LITTLE too much.
Saturday Spencer and I are doing some more work to the house. :) I can't wait to dig in and finish up our bedroom!
Sunday I am photographing the KC Chiefs football game. My company is project managing the stadium re-build and we need some photos for an article. (Yay for time and a half!)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!
Hugs, Jenni


bananas. said...

i love your housewarming invite! so so cute!!! hope you have a lovely weekend.

KLaw said...

Those invites are awesome!! Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

the invite is so cute!
and the little pumpkin hat thing for the pup, ADORABLE!! i need that! :)
i wish i had an office to decorate with fun etsy art!
i hope you have a great weekend!!

Carol said...

Love the invite!! Too cute!

KS said...

Those snow boots are amazing... love them!! Happy Friday to you!!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

cute blog! love the invites and your "daydreams". and sunny side up! LOVE IT!