October 13, 2009

All you need is....

I love this guy.

...because he accepts me as I am.
...because we can laugh at each other without ever having to say a word.
...because some of my favorite moments are at home just the two of us.
...because he is my best friend.
...because he makes an amazing chick-pea soup.

...because if we do ever fight, we always make up quickly.
...because he will wake-up and get me my coffee in the morning if i'm running late.
...because he knows how i'm really feeling even when I say i'm fine
...because he and I have beautiful "fur babies" together.
...because when something happens he's the first person I want to tell.

...because he is passionate and loves to share things with me even if I don't always understand what he's talking about.
...because he never forgets to give me a kiss before he leaves the house.
...because he always ponders what might happen next.
...and finally, because he is making me grilled cheese for dinner tonight while I finish my paper!


bananas. said...

awwwww...love it!

i'm big on not letting fights last too long. i usually hold a grudge but i've learned that doesn't make things better.

and yay for fur babies. they complete us.

~KS said...

Sigh... you are a lucky girl. I'm so happy you have someone so wonderful and loving in your life :) There just isn't anything better, is there?

KLaw said...

This is such a great post! Inspiring. I'm gonna have to do the same!

Kora Bruce said...

This is so incredibly sweet! You guys are so lucky to have found each other! Any man who makes grilled cheese and wonders whats next is a total keeper!

Ela said...

That is so sweet! How blessed you both are to have each other :)

cristinrae said...

so sweet!

Carol said...

You guys are too cute together!!