October 16, 2009

Our House

It's been a LONG week. I had a mid-term paper due in my class on wednesday so all week long i've been up until around 2:00 finishing it. I have today off because we are leaving for Spencer's big family reunion in Branson, Mo. and I must be exhausted because I just woke up....and it's 11:30!!!! Other than that we've just ben re-cooperating from the housewarming party last weekend. It was a major success! It was FREEZING here the morning of the party so I decided to go out and buy one of those big patio heaters that they usually have at restaurants. It was great! A lot of people hung out outside on the patio around the heater watching the dogs play and warming up with our soups, chili and spiced apple cidar. The family loved everything we had done with the house and got a chance to meet one another. (my mom finally met his!) and some of our friends ended up staying until 3am! Needless to say we had a bit of a hangover sunday morning...but it was nothing that a mcdonalds cheeseburger couldn't fix. :)
On friday, we ended up finishing up a lot of last minute things in the rooms and I took some pretty before and after photos for a slideshow we showed during the party. Here are a few of them. :)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! See you on monday with lots of exciting tales from the amazing city of Branson. :)


Simone said...

Very nice work Jenni....wow!! Glad the party was a success :)

Have a wonderful week-end!

bananas. said...

oh wowie wow! your home looks amazing. great job!!! and you did this all by your lonesome? good for you.

your home is adorable!

Annie said...

what a cute home you have!!
i really like it!! esp that green color!

p.s. have a GREAT weekend!!

KLaw said...

Your house looks amazing!!! Great job! I'm so jealous that yours is all settled :)

Have a great weekend!

Carol said...

Wow, great work!!!

nicole addison said...

ohh looks amazing! so glad you had a good time girl! cant wait to see the photos from the wknd :)

~KS said...

Love that shade of green... all of your after pics look amazing!! Well done!!
Have fun in Branson!