October 8, 2009


Our housewarming party is in 3 days! I am super excited, but we still have quite a bit to do before everyone shows up at 5:00 on saturday. (including cleaning) Luckily these next few things have been keeping me happy and excited all week long!

1. Snuggles The temperature dropped this week and this little girl has been snuggling close every chance she gets.She was literally a big limp noodle and refused to wake-up! If I moved...she moved... (all of these happened in about 5 minutes time. I was laughing so hard I was crying!)

2. An Award! from the lovely KS of While We're Waiting gave me this award and I couldn't be more pleased to receive it from such a lovely lady! As part of the award I would like to pass on the love to some of my favorites... drum roll please....
The Coterie Blog
An Experiment in Poverty
Then I got to Thinking
Living Greenlee
M Loves M
The Bottom of the Ironing Basket

These ladies all have BEAUTIFUL blogs full of inspiration and beauty. You should DEFINITELY check them out!

3. scarves There is nothing better than a warm fuzzy scarf to bundle up with when the temperatures drop! Cristin from Living Greenlee makes some beautiful scarves and sells them on Etsy! Visit her shop cristinrae You should definitely check her out, and maybe pick up a scarf or two for christmas presents!

4. Zombieland I had no idea I would love this movie as much as I did! It was absolutely hilarious and the cameo in it is fantastic! Just go see it. Seriously. NOW!

5. Mia = She greets us at the door each day with so much enthusiasm you would think our pockets were lined with bacon! We have been so busy this week that I think she feels like she's being ignored. She has been so sweet each night curling up on the pillow by our heads, giving us kisses and snuggling in to watch tv with us when we finally sit down. She's such a sweet little girl and I love her so much!

Well, that's it for now! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!! (ill be sure to take lots of party pics this weekend!)


KLaw said...

Can't wait to see pictures! Hope you have a great time!

Tracy-Girl said...

Ohh thank you!! :) I love your blog! And I love scarfs and the pup! Adorable! Have fun at your housewarming party... sounds like SO much fun!!

cristinrae said...

thanks for the shout out friend! I hope we can make your party this weekend! :)

Annie said...

my sis saw that movie, she liked it too ;)
looking forward to seeing pictures!
have fun athe the house warming party!!

bananas. said...

those same things make me happy too!!! especially the snuggles one. yes, bring on the snuggles!

~KS said...

I must live under a rock... because I had never heard of Zombie Land... but a friend JUST emailed me and said we should go see it. Why not!! And I love when you post pics of your pups- I just can't get enough of them!!

bananas. said...

ps. randy jackson was dave's birthday card. it's totally random and silly...kinda like us. so no you're not missing anything :)

Carol said...

Hope you have a wonderful housewarming party and great weekend!

nicole addison said...

aw congrats on the awards lady, you deserve them!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I've read so many great things about Zombieland. I'll have to check it out!