November 16, 2009

My weekend!

Hello all you lovelies!
I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful morning! Yes, it's monday. Yes, that sucks... but i'm trying to see the best of it. I have a warm sweater on, coffee in hand and had some yummy raisin break for breakfast! This is going to be a wonderful week! I just know it! (despite the fact that I have a freaking math test on wednesday! Ick!)
Here are some scenes from my super-lovely and VERY restful weekend!!

We ordered this BEAUTIFUL Restoration Hardware duvet this weekend at 75% off! Crossing our fingers it looks just as lovely in person and matches our bedroom. We need to replace our old cover BADLY. White comforter + little dog paws = a big hot mess! We also found a gorgeous metal lampshade with floral cutouts. I couldn't find a photo online so i'll have to take one later. We're going to line it with something and hang it over my desk!

Spencer and I went shopping at the KC plaza this weekend. (for those of you who don't know the Plaza it's an up-scale outdoor shopping center with stores like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Bebe, Bare Essentials, Apple, Tiffany's and Armani Exhange. I used to live one block up from it!) We stopped for a coffee and I got a peppermint mocha. it definitely kick-started the holiday season for me and we got a bit of our Christmas shopping done! I picked-up some peppermint coffeemate creamer too so I could have a nice little peppermint drink at home. Not quite as good at Starbucks, but still pretty tasty!

I have been meaning to get this stuff for about 6 months! But, I wanted to wait until my old makeup ran out, and I had the money to invest toward the purchase. I bought the kit this weekend and it was wonderful! First, I was told that I have gorgeous skin by the salesgirl which made me feel pretty good. :) She said it's nice to work with clients who have good skin....not as much with clients who don't since you have to be so up-close and personal... I absolutely LOVE this make-up. Flawless, soft, sheer, natural and it feels like i'm not wearing a thing! I am hoping to buy some of the eyeshadows soon. :)

We made dehydrated apples this morning! I have always LOVED dehydrated apples but never wanted to spend the money on a food dehydrator. Luckily Spencer helped me avoid that completely! We sliced up our apples with the mandolin slicer and then put them on baking sheets in a single layer and baked for 1 hour at 200 degrees, flipped them and cooked for another hour. They ended up being phenomenal! Definitely a slow process but TOTALLY worth it! The only problem was that we were eating them more quickly than we could make them! (We had them plain but some people add cinnamon, sugar or pumpkin pie spice.)

Ok, so I FINALLY got hooked. It took a few episodes but by the end of the first season I was LOVING Californication! And of course you can't just stop after one season! They leave too much to the imagination! Soooo we did what any normal people would do... We went and rented the second season and spent our entire sunday immersed in sex, drugs and rock n'roll!
My friend Steph came over to join the festivities and we put a roast in the crockpot and munched on apple chips. It was a GREAT way to spend a sunday with lots of lazy tv watching and lounging. (it fit the mood outside too since it was particularly cold and rainy all day!) Sadly, I burnt my hand in the oven when I went to pull some apples out and i'm now sporting a little kitchen war wound. :(

By the way, has anyone been inside a Blockbuster recently? They sell books now! Weird, right? It felt almost surreal to me and Spencer to go into the store. The last time Spencer used his membership card it was 2007 and he was still living with his parents!!!


SJ said...

God, I haven't been inside a blockbuster in forever! Now with Movies on Demand and RedBoxes and stuff, I just kind of avoid it! So weird that they sell books!

Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the duvet cover :)

bananas. said...

i love bare escentuals! i don't even know how life was before it. i SWEAR by it! seriously, does wonders to the skin misfortuned like myself. people are always trying to refer me to other stuff...MAC studio fix, been there. cover girl, um hello 7th grade is long gone. but bare escentuals..LOVE!

Kym said...

ahhh, gotta love the holidays at Starbucks when they whip out the peppermint!! :) and yummmmy apple chips! glad you had such a great weekend~ happy monday! :)

Kym said...

yeah, print100 was great to work with! they've got a hugeee variety of stuff you can ask to have printed and its very affordable. They do have a referral program so if/when you sign up, they'll ask who referred you, just type in my email address: :) thanks jenni!

~KS said...

So jealous you got to the Plaza... I love the Plaza. When I went to school at Mizzou, I used to love driving over to KC to see the lights and do some shopping...
And that duvet cover is gorgeous! and 75% off?!?! Wow!!!! Even better!!

Elizabeth said...

Blockbuster sells books? They must be desperate.

Love the duvet cover, by the way. It's too bad about your white one. White linens always look so "sleep here please" to me.

The SSS Sophisticate said...

That duvet is beautiful! I am sure it will arrive looking fabulous, all the bedding from RH is lovely! And 75% off! Sweet deal!
I have heard all about Californication...I need to rent it!

kelleidoscope said...

I'm going to have to try those dehydrated apples!
And I didn't even know Blockbuster still existed :)

Anonymous said...

okay i love the duvet cover! i hope it looks just as good when you get it! so cute! and those apples look so yummy! i bet they are because i trust your taste! those pumpkin cupcakes were SOOO good! i ate way too many! thanks so much for sharing!

I had no idea that blockbuster sold books! how crazy!

oh and bare minerals rocks!

my name is lauren. said...

that duvet is gorgeous!

and dried apples sound delicious. too bad i'm not feeling motivated enough to make something delicious or i might steal your idea right now.