November 5, 2009

Sunny Side ah-ah-ah-choo!!!

I'm not feeling too well today and I really hate it. I want to run and smile and talk without sounding like a creepy old wheezy man...alas, I can not. My throat is way too big for my body and I have no appetite...even my coffee tastes disgusting and thick to me! So i'm relying on a big mug of pomegranate green tea and hoping that tomorrow will be a better feeling day. :) But enough I don't feel good business! It's time for.....

1. Family! My aunt and cousin came into town this week and I got to spend a wonderful day with them and my sister! We met up for lunch at Red Lobster with my grandfather and had some yummy crab legs and shrimp and chatted for awhile. Then we went by and visited Grandma Francis for a bit, stopped by World Market to explore all the goodies and ended the night at my house where they met the girls and we had a mediteranean feast courtesy of Spencer with homemade hummus, falafel pitas, greek salads and a delicious apple crisp desert made by moi! I'm so glad Spencer got to spend some time with them as well and they got to see just why I love that guy sooo much. :) They are heading back home to Tampa today and I already miss them!!!

2. Super cute art! I ran across Etsy artist Fallen Down Tree this morning and couldn't stop smiling as I looked at the adorable artwork! I really want these birds on a branch to hang in my office!

3. Frost This morning when I walked out the front door my front yard looked like this! Most people around here hate the first sign of frost because it means slippery roads, snow shoveling/scraping and cold weather are upon us...but I can't wait until the first snow! I want to watch the girls as they experience it for the first time. I think Mia will take the all-paws-in approach and attack it while she bounds around like a little snowbunny. Betty however will most likely do the one-paw test and gingerly approach it before running inside and snuggling under a blanket. :)

4. Christmas Movies The time of year is finally here when all of the Christmas movies hit the big screen! I can't wait to see the Jim Carrey version of a Christmas Carol! Nothing gets me in the mood for christmas better than a good snowy, holiday cheer filled movie!

5. Old Soul, New Heart This mother, daughter team make some of the prettiest accessories i've yet seen. I have fallen in love with so many of their pieces! Now I just wish I had the $$ to buy it all!

6. Crispy Smoked mozzarella Over lunch today I came home and Spencer and I watched Everyday Italian on the Food Network. Giada was making crispy smoked mozzarella with figs and honey. My mouth started drooling and Spencer's mind started spinning! He's decided to re-create the dish with different types of cheeses and maybe some nuts so its like a rolled-up gooey cheese log! I want to make her version as well...hmm maybe for thanksgiving! :) If you want the original recipe go Everyday Italian.

Have a great weekend!!!


KLaw said...

That looks so delicious!

I hope you feel better soon. There's not much worse than a sore throat :(

The SSS Sophisticate said...

That headband is so cute! I will have to check them out.

Oh Giada....does she ever make anything that doesn't look amazing?

carrie1 said...

I love Red Lobsters cheesy garlic biscuits! I haven't had them in forever. =(

Go make yourself a little hottie totty, so you feel better soon. =)

bananas. said...

YESS!!! loving the pop out comments. haha...anyway...

you just got me really excited for jim carrey's movie. i think i might go see that this weekend. yee! and red lobster sounds delish. can you believe i've never been?

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Feel better. <3

Love that movie and those accessories are to die for!!

Amber said...

Jenni... Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog! I hope you get to feeling better.

More camera questions: do you own an slr camera? I was thinking of maybe going that route? Suggestions?

Summer B. said...

Ok. I love today's list. I love love love frost and I love that mozz! TASTY! I need to make that now. I love that print and that headband, SO NICE!

misscindee said...

i hope you feel better. its definitely not fun being sick. i randomly came across your blog so hope you dont mind me stopping in to say hello. i like this list of yours. i love christmas movies too. I havent even heard about Jim Carrey's movie yet. Thanks for sharing!

GiGi said...

if that gooey mozzarella doesn't make you feel better, than i don't know what will.
okay, maybe that headband.

Toothfairy said...

oh that mozarella looks gooooood! so yum.. I'd like to have some now! haha

yay for family and cute accessoires!