November 19, 2009

Sunny Side and a little favor. :)

Good morning all of you amazing friends!!!! Before I begin my weekly sunny-side-up list, I would like to send a HUGE shout-out of THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I can't thank everyone enough for voting for my Mia and getting her little mug out into the big bad world to demand the attention she deserves! You are all sooo amazing!!!!!! Mia shot from #366 all the way to #39 yesterday!!! And it was all thanks to the amazing friends I have made in this little blogworld. Sadly, she has now gone back down by 3 ranking points. So i'm curious, how far can the power of blogging go? I know I have made some absolutely amazing friends and been privy to personal info from amazing women who I now look up to.... Its almost like we are all connected in this little world on the internet! So, my challenge? if you would be so obliged, blog about Mia!!! Lets show the world what bloggie friends can really do and make her the number 1 dog!!!!!!!!!!!

Woof! AKA "Thank you!!!!"

and now here is my LOVELY list!

1. The Middle - This show is freaking HILARIOUS! I watch this when I get home from class on Wednesday night and end up laughing out loud the entire time!! If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to tune in!

2. Summer's Make Believe post - Summer at B is for Brown posted this on Tuesday asking the question, "if you were a fairy what would your wings look like?" The answers to this post were AMAZING! I loved reading each and every one and I even got goosebumps a few times by all of the beautiful descriptions! My answer was.... "White and ethereal. White shimmer with gold pixie dust, flowing and light with pink cheeks. My wings would be slender but strong and I would blend in amongst the clouds and shine like a star."

3. Christmas!!! -Poor thanksgiving always gets the short end of the stick. It's not as exciting and by the time it rolls around people are ready for it to be over in anticipation of the glorious holiday of Christmas!! This year Spencer and I are going to his family celebration for food and conversation. After that however we will be going home to our girls and putting up our Christmas tree!!!!!!! I think the girls are going to go nuts, but I am sooo excited to see it all! Sigh...our first christmas in our new home... How exciting is that!? PS-wouldn't it be A-mazing to live in this house with this beautiful fireplace at Christmas time?!

4. The girls first ornaments -In spencer's family the tradition is to buy a new ornament each year. We have had so much fun shopping for ornaments together over the last 2 years and since this is our babies first christmas we had to get them each an ornament! Most of our tree is silver, gold and light aqua blue so we didnt want to get ornaments for the girls that wouldn't match. We found these little silver frames at Crate and Barrel and will be putting their little puppy pictures in them! Maybe we'll even engrave their names....hmmmmmm.....

5. This flower cluster - I saw this necklace on Free At first I wasn't too sure about it but the more I look at it the more I kind of love it! FreePeople is also holding a holiday contest! Go there and make a wish list. You may be the lucky lady to win your entire list!!! Ho Ho Ho!

6. Beautiful knitwear! I have found an obsession with fingerless gloves! Being a photographer, I find it difficult to use my camera when I have on gloves. Its nearly impossible to turn the knobs and push the buttons when your finger is covered in 1/2" of yarn! Fingerless gloves came into popularity big time last year and I am absolutely in love with them! When I found JayKayKnits on Etsy I absolutely fell head over heels! Her gloves are gorgeous and I am definitly purchasing those beautiful blue ones!!!!

7. Pin-dot lampshades - Warpe Design on Etsy makes these absolutely BEAUTIFUL shades. I love how the light dances off the wall behind them. They would be beautiful in a bedroom when you just want a pretty soft light. :)

8. Christmas movie marathon!!!- I can't wait to pull out all of the Christmas favorites! Elf, the Santa Claus, The Polar Express, Miracle on 35th Street, Prancer, and the Grinch! I think a christmas movie marathon might just be in my immediate future!!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing day!!! Thank you so much to everyone, you are all sooo amazing!!!!!


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

So... confession time: I watch ELF all year round. yup its my happy movie and i pop it in whenever I am down. LOVE IT


Annie said...

i also watch elf ALL the time! ;)
i still haven't had the chance to vote for little mia but i'm on my way to do that shortly. she is adorable!
love that necklace and the gloves!! so cute!! i need a pair.
hope you are having a great week!!

bananas. said...

oh elf is such a cute movie. i love his happy christmas spirit. definitely gonna have to watch that one soon.

another good one, actually my favorite (besides christmas story) is love actually. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!

Morgan said...

Great post!
1. I love that necklace!
2. My family and I do ornament exchanges as well!
3. Feel free to do 'a look back' post! Can't wait to see it!

KLaw said...

I love love love your sunny sides up! What a great way to start a day right?

have a good day love!

Simone said...

Been voting for Ms Fancypants! :)

I LOVE Christmas movies, I've yet to see one I don't like :)

SJ said...

Okay, I LOVE those lamps, that necklace, and nearly everything about this post! Lovely!

Amber said...

I just voted for Mia. She is too cute. i will blog about it tonight when I announce my winner!!

Loved your list. I am so ready to watch Elf!!!

Toothfairy said...

the lamps are great!

We don't celebrate thanksgiving here, but we do have a holiday called sinterklaas, and it's also getting the short end because of christmas!

christmas is still my fav. time of the year...


Elizabeth said...

I know, poor Thanksgiving. To me it's like Thanksgiving dinner is just Christmas Eve really early. Pre-gaming :)

The SSS Sophisticate said...

I try to take one holiday at a time, but as much as I love Thanksgiving....I love Christmas SO much more!I love the X-Mas movies too!!! Prancer always makes me cry!

kelleidoscope said...

Elf is an AMAZING movie! And I'm starting to fall in love with all things etsy.. people are so beautifully creative!

Trac~ said...

Awww.. your baby is such a CUTIE pie! Love the things you showed on here but sad to say I am one of the few, who can't stand Will Ferrell and hated Elf among others of his movies - sorry - hope you still love me! HA! :o)

Allison said...

Ooh, I love these! Elf is a HILARIOUS movie, and I love the lampshade, gloves, and necklace. BEAUTIFUL. :D

Cute cute blog! :D

Anonymous said...

i need to go vote for her again :) i love this post! i love all the things you picked! that necklace is awesome! and elf is like one of the best movies of time. well ... maybe not but pretty close :)

Anna said...

your pup is so so cute! {i voted :)} and i too am looking forward to watching Elf and Home Alone for the next month or so!

my name is lauren. said...

i LOVE elf! i keep trying to convince the husband to watch it with me now, but he says that once a year is enough :(....i think i'll just watch it without him.

thanks for the nice comment on my blog and i totally voted for mia! hope she keeps moving up the ranks!

Summer B. said...

I really want Mia and if I lived closer I would steal her. For a few hours. ;)

I loved your make believe answer! You rock!


Allyson said...

i loved summer's post too! she's so sweet.

i heart xmas movies! especially elf. no matter how many times i've seen it, i still laugh my ass off.

happy friday!

226 said...

I could knit those gloves for you... but I wouldn't be done until 2011 at the current rate I'm knitting. They are super cute!