November 24, 2009


Everyone has done a thankful post. I feel the time has come for me to do one too! This year has been monumentous. You can read about it here. Although, I think a lot of you already have! (and for that I am so thankful! And without further is my list... It's filled to the brim with kindness, wonderful thoughts, amazing memories and beautiful people. :)

1. That I have reached my happy place. I'm healthy, i'm loved and I'm happy with who I am. Sure I may want to lost 5...or 15...lbs. I may be a little bit of a dork (haha, wouldn't have it any other way!). In the past there have been many times that I have doubted who I am, or felt that I needed to change myself... but not anymore. I am proud of who I am and I feel like if you are my friend...well, you are pretty darn lucky. :)

2. The ladies. I have an AMAZING family. My mom, my sister, my aunt Barb, my grandma, my cousin Cassie, my aunt Karen, ... I am surrounded by amazing and powerful women. Women who don't take no for an answer and who fight for what they believe in. We open ourselves up to one another without fear, talk freely and love one another un-conditionally. All of them have shaped who I am in more than one way. They are my rocks. They are who I turn to. They are who I strive to be. :)

3. My Spencer. It goes without saying, but I love this guy with all my heart. He made it ok for me to be myself. He supports me in anything I choose to do...even if I get an eyeroll or two in the process (which is always followed by a big smile and a helping hand!) I love him and I can't wait to spend everyday with him for the rest of our lives.

4. Austi. Ever since I was a little girl I remember every thanksgiving with my Aunt Karen. She would walk into the house and utter the same phrase, "I brought the Austi!" She would then pull out bottles of this delicious beverage and add them to the bottles my mother had already bought! This is our holiday drink, and it is the BEST drink there is! When I was little my mom got me and my cousin sparkling grape juice so we could feel special too. My freshman year in college I was able to share in this delicious beverage straight from the bottle. It's one of my favorite traditions at the holidays and it's something that always just feels right. No matter what changes in our family, Austi is here to stay!

5. Amazing women I am talking about ALL OF YOU! I can't believe how wonderful it has been to meet each and every one of you out here in this blogger world. I've learned things about myself, about fashion, about Ryan Reynolds (courtesy of K.Law) and I've been taken on an emotional journey with Summer, Katie, and a few others. You have made me feel alive, special and beautiful. Every comment I get is like a little shining star in my pocket. A new follower is an excuse to break out the bubbly! (Austi of course) I can't believe over 50 ladies find my thoughts and inner ramblings interesting enough to follow, and I am thankful for each and every one of you! Once I hit 100...the giveaway is on!!!! I have a few great ideas cooking in my little head as a little thanks to some dear dear friends. :)
PS- To Kristin at KLaw: Inspired and Tracy at Then I Got To Thinking . Thank you! you two were the first two ladies to follow my blog and always comment with endearing and heart-felt thoughts. You ladies RawK! (it's cooler spelled incorrectly) :)
PPS-Tracy-I think we might be sister squirrels!

6. Lunchtime. AKA: Coffeetime For the past few months I have been having amazing mid-day breaks from the ratrace. I work with two amazing ladies named Cristin and Bridget. Just about everyday we spend our hour of freedom to shop, gossip, grab some delicious coffee and conversation, stare in jealousy at women who get to wear jeans and imagine what a fabulous day they must be having or watch some Grays Anatomy at my house. I look forward to this hour and love how each morning the question is asked "What are you doing for lunch?" Because really?...that questions should be "What are WE doing for lunch?" Thanks ladies. It's the best part of the workday! :)

7. Reese's Big Cup Um...hi.. how can you not love this thing?! It's perfection all wrapped in a familiar orange wrapper... I die.

8. My fur babies!!!!!! Come really thought i'd do a list without including them!? They may annoy me from time to time, one of them may or may not have pooped on the floor. My favorite purse may, or may not need some surgery done to the strap before I can use it again. I may never get to lay comfortably again without having a dog snuggling up on top of the blanket between my legs (Betty, i'm looking at you) They may sound like dinosaurs who are about to have a showdown and they MIGHT...just MIGHT have the WORST smelling farts of any dog i've met!...but they are my babies and I love everything about them!!!!!!!!!!! In the famous word of family guy... "Love the farts Meg, LOVE the farts!"
PS- Mia can't get past the #27! Go vote! Help her jump the hurdle! PS-I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo THANKFUL for EVERYONE who keeps voting to get this little lady her 5 minutes of fame!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Happy Thankgiving everyone!!!! Tune in tomorrow for an early edition of Sunny Side Up!



Summer (BisforBrown) said...

What a lovely post! You are a beautiful lady and a delight to follow. I am no longer just a follower. I am your friend and what a gift that is!

Hugs to you!

Allyson said...

i loooove your list! i think your family story with the Austi is fabulous. what a great excuse to drink some bubbly. yay!

happy t-day to you my dear! i'm very happy i came across your blog {or vise versa..i can't remember who found who anymore. lol}


KLaw said...

Beautiful sentiments, as always. I love you lady! I am the one that should be grateful. You've been here with me from the beginning :)

Hope you have a great spanksgiving! Ryan sends his love.

hannah said...

such a cute post :) happy turkey day!!

bananas. said...

we share similar lists :) i'm thankful for most of the same things you are. aww and especially fur babies...can't ever get enough of them.

carrie1 said...

Ditto.... I agree with everyone from Summer down the Mayra! =)

Happy Thanksgiving! =)

Jenni said...

aww you ladies make me blush! :)

Kristin said...

I'm all about the spumante! And I am seriously loving every one of these thankful posts that I've come across!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Great list! I love it :)

Alisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Llama said...

Hey girl! thanks for stopping by my blog! your blog is super! I can't wait to read more. i love your thankful and def. am with you when it comes to family, friends and BIG CUP REESES!!!

Shanny said...

Awww, this was such a great post!!!

Kym said...

great list jenni, i especially love #1 on your list! :)

Viva La Fashion said...

those pictures of turkeys are so cute!! :) especially the first one. :)

The SSS Sophisticate said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Great post, so much to be thankful for! Ohhh I need a Reeses big!

Jen said...


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & for your comment! I'm actually planning my "thankful" post for tomorrow twin! I know it's cliche most likely...but its right to give thanks & I'm gonna!

About the fruit allergies - isn't it the biggest pain in the rear! My mom asked an allergist for me {since I hate dr.'s appts.} and they said the same thing about me not being able to break down some type of protein and that it is coming up more & more in people who had springtime allergies as kids? I don't know the connection but that's what they said.

I TOO can have processed and canned fruit. I think that whatever protein we can't handle must get cooked out or something!

So glad I found your bloggy blog & I'm really excited to look around on here!


SJ said...

Wonderful list. You have so much to be thankful for :)

I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

i-zilla said...

gasp! i have never seen the reeses big cup before! gimmie! (the rest of your post was lovely, but unfortunately my peanut butter a.d.d. kicked it lol)

Melissa said...

such a great post! I too am new to the reeses big cup! I gotta get my hands on one of those ;) happy thanksgiving!!

Simone said...

Oh Jenni, this was a great read, you really made me smile, you are a darling :)

What a wonderful list....I tell you, if I had been as accomplished and "sorted out" as you are 25, then my life would have been very are fabulous...truly!

Your description of your doggies really made me laugh....I am still voting for Miss Mia every day, c'mon Mia, we want Top Ten at pressure okay ;)

And Reese's Big Cups....hello? I have never heard of them....I love PB Cups and have the little mini ones....but the BIG ONE.....I would die too!! I must investigate!

Happy Thanksgiving honey, have a lovely time,

Simone :)

Randi Lee said...

I love this post! And, yes, I too miss grade school sometimes! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Yum on no. 7...I love this time of year because they come out with the shapes. There is just something about the tree that tastes better than the cup :)

Selma said...

Yay for lunchtime aka coffeetime. ;)