November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble Ya'll

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!

I am so excited for tomorrow! Yummy food, good conversation and getting our house decorated for christmas!!! I seriously can't wait!!! Tomorrow we'll be with spencer's family, friday I might do a little shopping, saturday we'll be with my family and sunday we'll be helping Spencer's grandma decorate her house!! :)

Welcome to your weekly sunny side up list! (one day early) :)

1. Snowballs!!!! So, remember my lament to the death of Planters cheeze balls a week ago!? Well, this past sunday Spencer and I had some extra time and decided to step into our local World Market. We strolled around and saw some beautiful things, looked at christmas decorations....and then I noticed a table at the front of the store. There was a bowl with a set of tongs and it was filled with little white balls. A little light went off in my head going, "Free samples!!! SCORE!". I quickly popped one into my mouth. The second I crunched down I could hear little golden trumpets in my head and I turned to Spencer and went, "these are amazing!" Yes my friends, they taste just like Planters!!! (if planters were made with white cheddar) Same delicious crunch, same cheddar evidence left on the fingers. Sigh...I'm in love!

Decorations. While at World Market we also ran across these beautiful table-runners and matching stocking (not shown). Spencer and I have been on he lookout for the perfect stockings and I think these just might be it!!! We're still thinking about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if we go back and pick these up. :)

Chains I'm kind of in love with this necklace from Lulu . Isn't it beautiful!? I particularly love the little bow. :)

Delicate flowers I heart this one too! Lulu has such cute stuff!!! (and the prices are great too!) I would love to wear this to a holiday party with a cute pair of boots!

I spy new followers! Holy moly! I'm so honored! Almost 20 new followers in the last week!!! Be still my heart! I love you all!!!

Musical Scores . I was never one to sit and listen to classical music, but I have found a new appreciation for musical scores. There is nothing better to me than sitting down to edit some photos, do some work or clean and listen to haunting, sometimes meloncholy, often exciting musical scores! It amazes me how well instrumental music can take me on an emotional ride without ever having to leave my chair. Some of my favorites right now are The Holiday by Hans Zimmer and Midnight Sun (an artist inspired by Twilight).

Michael Jackson Crazy! Watch this!!! Oh my goodness it is WAY too funny! You have to watch it for a little while but stick with it. You will NOT be dissapointed!! HAHAHAHAHA Seriously!? Who does this!?

Mia!!! I can't believe she is actually at 27 out of 975 entries!!! I knew I had a cute puppy but wow!!! Thank you to EVERYONE who keeps voting! You guys seriously rock!

Green Bean Casserole In Florida right now my cousin is cringing and re-reading this sentence because she's in disbelief. Growing-up I DESPISED this stuff! My cousin Cassie and I would take turns taking bites of it and distracting one another because we thought we'd be sick if we focused on the taste! In fact one year we took turns taking a bite and then running to the christmas tree and picking out our favorite ornament just to choke it down! It was the worst thing about the holidays to us! But now...I dunno...I've actually started liking it...a LOT. I actually look forward to it at holiday time and think its delicious when I take a bite. I have no idea why my tastes changed suddenly but in the past few years i've also started loving tomatoes, onions, peppers, avocado etc. and I never used to give these things a chance! I can't wait for thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings! Pass me the green bean casserole please!

Behold! Samsung is sponsoring a contest to win a free Behold! You can enter every hour until December 23rd! Each day the Behold winners are also entered to win a free flat-screen!

Pumpkin Cookies with brown butter icing. Oh. my. goodness. Ms. Martha Stewart sure does know her stuff!! Don't these cookies look DELICIOUS!? I think I am going to make these tonight for me and the mr. to eat tomorrow while we're decking the halls!

Sweaters I am in love with this sweater. I have been since I saw it 2 months ago! But, with a $40 price tag I just couldn't do it.... Hello Black Friday! This sweater will be 50% off!!! I think I might need it in green..... :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and eats so much they have to unbutton their pants! To anyone who is driving... Be safe!!!! Love you all!!!!


KLaw said...

Oh my goodness, you are making me sooooooo hungry!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving lady!

carrie1 said...

I love cheesy balls. I am glad you found some white cheddar ones. =)

Happy Turkey Day.

Shanny said...

That's a beutiful necklace!!!! I want, I want =)
Happy Turkey Day... enjoy the chicken? lol

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

green bean casserole all i need and want. here i come.

my name is lauren. said...

what a great list. the yellow sweater + table runner were my fave. yay for new followers! i'm so happy to count myself as one :).

happy thanksgiving!

bananas. said...

oh yes, i almost forgot about decorating!!! yeyeyeyeyeyeaaaa! i love decorating the day after thanksgiving and i'm definitely due for some new decor. ooh fun fun! can't wait.

happy turkey day to you and your little family! xoxo.

Kimbirdy said...

LOVE Lulu stuff! And yes, those pumpkin cookies look Amazing!

Belen said...

i REALLY love that yellow cardigan. that flower necklace by lulu is so beautiful as well! too bad a lot of gold doesn't work well on me. :( i've got a similiar necklace though, and each flower is a different color. it's so pretty and i got it pretty cheap from forever 21! :)

happy thanksgiving dear & thanks for the comment. :)

ps, hug your doggie for me! :)

The SSS Sophisticate said...

Ahhh I must go to World Market! So excited! My friend made me those cookies and they are delish! Highly recommend them!

Kym said...

booohooooooo i want thanksgiving food... maybe i'll just have an unofficial thanksgiving celebration in canada. hahaha! ;P green bean casserole doesn't seem to be big here but i love that stuff! have a fantabulous celebration jenni!

Marian said...

Green bean casserole. I am in the same boat. I hated it as a kid, but now it may just be my favorite part of the whole dinner. Yum Yum!!

Hvae alovely Thanksgiving girly

Morgan said...

That green bean casserole is making my mouth water for tomorrow! Can not wait for Turkey day! And that sweater - meow....I love it!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

I want to go to World Market now!



Carol said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love that necklace!

{lovely little things} said...

Ooh, where is that yellow sweater from, it's so cute!!

Kristin said...

Woop woop for tomorrow and all the good eats and good company! LOVE that Lulu necklace!

SJ said...

Okay, that sweater is absolutely adorable. I totally want it for my own! Oh my goodness, so are those necklaces...and that table runner... Sigh. Have a great weekend!