November 29, 2009

Thanks for Thanksgiving!

Spencer and I had a really wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent time on friday night making macaroni and cheese for his family's Thanksgiving dinner on saturday. We also had some good ol' fashioned puppy lounging time

Betty just LOVES her bones.
and took a photo to document us being together for 3 years! (It wasn't our anniversary...that was last sunday...but our first date was the day before thanksgiving 3 years ago!)

3 years and going strong!

Saturday we had a wonderful Thankgiving meal with Spencer's family. He has a pretty large family, so we ended up in the basement at one of the tables and ate our meal with his Uncle Steve and Aunt Carol. I have never gotten much of a chance to talk to them, so it was really nice!
After our meal we headed home with VERY full bellies and began putting up Christmas decorations!!!

Betty didn't quite understand at first, so she hung out with her daddy.

We baked some cookies and popped open a bottle of wine as we put up the tree and distributed our santas, snowmen and holly.

Didn't it come out beautiful!? I LOVE it!
We took a few family photos to remember the moment.

Christmas 2009
...and of course we had to take a family photo!!!!

Our little family 2009.

Saturday we spent the day with my mom, Tim, grandma, Andi, Jason and little nephew Collin! We ate some great good and spent the evening playing Catch Phrase! I LOVE that game!!! Although, my mom and sister said I make my clues to difficult and you have to have an education to get what i'm talking about! haha, oh well, I guess i'm a complex thinker. :)
Today we decorated Spencer's grandmas apartment and his mom gave us our ornament for this year (It's a tradition in his family.)

She said it reminded her of Spencer and I. :) I think it's pretty darn cute, and I told Spencer he looks good in tights! It's hanging on our tree now and it fits in just beautifully! A perfect little addition. :)
Well, i'm tired and have some Brothers & Sisters to turn my attention to... I hope you all had wonderful weekends full of food, GREAT shopping deals (sorry, can't talk about those or i'll give away the suprise to some who read this!) and wonderful moments with family! I can't wait to read about everyone's wonderful times!

Sweet Dreams!




brittany said...

that tree looks damn good and you two are adorable! congrats on 3 years :)

Carol said...

What a cute 3 year picture! :)

Anonymous said...

jenni! your tree looks amazing! i am so jealous! haha, ours is tiny. and we are poor so have cheap plastic ornaments. oh well! we do that tradition too, my mom gets us an ornament every year. i love it. sean and i are going to do that with our kids. you and spencer are so adorable :) and your puppies are so cute. i am jealous! it sounds like you had a great thanksgiving! hope that you have a great night!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Cute pics. Love it!!

Marian said...

That tree is perfect. WIsh I could get mine to look that good:)

Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving!!


Kimbirdy said...

Ooo! Lovely christmas tree! and such cute puppies!

KLaw said...

Aww! Adorable pictures and beautiful tree!

Blair said...

your tree looks so pretty!

my name is lauren. said...

your tree looks so pretty and i love the family photo. you guys are too cute :).

craig and i started a little ornament tradition too....ever since we've been dating i started saving an ornament each year so we'd have some once we had our own tree. they started out kind of silly and homemade, but now we try to buy something a little longer lasting :).

Micaela said...

your tree looks SO MAGICAL!!! & the ornament does look like you guys ;)

happy 3 years!!!

your family is adorable. puppy included.