December 16, 2009

It's the season of winning!

Ok guys, I need your help! I won the Brightside Project this morning from designer Jules!!!

As part of my win I get to choose either a circle or a square and have it engraved with up to 3 characters. (On a sterling silver 24" chain) I want it to be something unexpected rather than just my initials (especially since those change when you marry!) I'm thinking maybe Hi or NAP...hmmmm maybe O.C.D?
What do you guys think?!



KLaw said...

Holy canoli! Those are GORGEOUS!!!! How about an initial for each of your pups?

Blair said...

I love these necklaces! Too cute, I want ONE! or 3.

Nicole said...

Very cute! If you just go with your first initial, that won't change. I like the pups initials idea too.

bananas. said...

You got me. I always go w/first initial of someone special...usually me :)

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Those are cute! I say a first initial too, cause those don't change... or maybe someone close to you? (mother, father)

or what about a word that gives you strength: like hope, love, forever, believe?

Good luck, those are super cute!

Kimbirdy said...

This is tough! I do like the look of the ones with only 1 letter, simple and chic. Congrats on your win!

Anonymous said...

those are so cute! oh i love them so much. can you have numbers put on there? maybe you could do someones date of birth... or something like that..or your puppies initials idea is good too! congrats on winning! those are all so cute! i wouldn't be able to decide!

~KS said...

What about BAM?

(Betty and Mia)

or Luv.... or LOL (you seem like the giggly happy loving life type...) or what about Spencer's initials?

Okay... those are my brilliant ideas :)

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Those are SO adorable!

I think doing your dog's initials or Spencer's initials would be wonderful!