January 26, 2010

2:30 = Snacktime!

Part of my program to get fit as a fiddle...where did that phrase come from!? ....is to eat 5 small meals a day, as opposed to 3 larger ones. I start out my day with either low-fat yogurt and granola or some egg beaters and tomato in a whole wheat tortilla. At about 10:00 I have a morning snack. Lunch at about 12:00 which is usually a small turkey sandwich or wrap with lots of lettuce avocado and tomatoe, another snack at 2:30 followed by a light dinner whenever I get home from work and working out.
I follow a fairly simple plan involving:
* Packing all of my small meals each morning before work so i'm not tempted by the vending machine.
* Taking a multivitamin every morning.
* Refilling my 32 oz. water bottle at least 4 times a day .
* Eating a sliver of avocado in either my sandwich or egg-beaters wrap to keep potassium levels up (I'm allergic to banana).
* Eating lots of protein and limited amounts of carbs.

Some of my favorite snacks at the moment include....

Hidden Valley Ranch dip and veggies

I take a tub of non-fat sour cream dip and mix it up with the hidden valley ranch powder as a nice little dip for celery and zucchini. Its really quite tasty, and the crisp bite of it energizes me in the afternoons.

Cottage cheese

I know this stuff gets a bad rep and you either love it or hate it, but I personally think its a great little snack! (Although, I don't think I could ever eat a bowl that big!)


I'm allergic to quite a few different fruits, but I love to much on grapes, pears, kiwis, apples, strawberries and blueberries. I also love clementine cuties. Those little oranges that come in the box and are little, easy to peel and sweet! I &hearts them

String cheese

A perfect little pre-portioned snack. Easy to grab and tasty to eat! I love pulling off tiny little strings of cheese to make it last longer! I usually snack on these at work. The puppies get jealous when I eat them at home because we have used string cheese as a training treat in the past.

What is your favorite snack? Do you have a great recipe that cuts the calories?
Tomorrow I will share my favorite recipe for lighter fare!

~ &hearts ~


carrie1 said...

One of my favorite lunches to bring to work would be one of those pita sandwhiches that are sliced in half.... ranch dressing (like the one you mentioned above) with diced cucumbers and pieces of onion.. and a little salt and pepper! It is DELISH!

MCW said...

Oh...I love Hidden Vally Ranch dressing. I never thought to use the power mix. Great idea!

Annie said...

num ;) i love fat free cottage cheese! we eat it as a side with dinners, we both love it!!
also love low fat string cheese!!
we also always have hidden valley dip mixed up! love that too!!
we eat very similar :)
i'm going to post my breakfast recipe sometime this week, very low carbs and delicious!!!

Marian said...

Um cottage cheese it my favorite. I love it with fruit!!

~KS said...

I love string cheese... and cheese in general. I'm from Wisconsin :)

My favorite snacks as of late...
Nuts (the heart healthy blend by Planters is amazing), Craisins, Special K Strawberry Snack Bars, Goldfish crackers, and Cauliflower and spinach dip. Yup... off to the fridge. Now I am starvin marvin!!

Belen said...

girrrl i'm so proud of you for stickin' to it. i'm definitely find it hard to stick to that book and to a set eating habit. i mean, being a poor college student, i kinda eat whatever my mom cooks, yknow?

i definitely do try to eat smaller portions, healthier things, etc. and it kinda helps that my mom is diabetic (as sad as that sounds...) because she too tries to cook healthier!

good job on you my dear! :D *hugs*