January 8, 2010

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Goodnight!

Hello everyone!

I am completely surprised, shocked and delighted by all of the new followers that have popped into my little corner in this great big blogging world! Starting out in all of this I trudged along with only a handful (maybe 20) followers and loved getting to know each and every one of them, but I never imagined that in a period of just a few months so many amazing women would cross paths with this little blog of my innermost thoughts, ramblings and events. I feel honored!
To give me a chance to learn a little bit about each of you, and for you to really dig in deep to what you would like to know about me... (I know some of you long time followers may have a burning question deep down just ready to jump out!) I would like to open the floor for questions! But first, you have to do a little something for me....you have to answer my question! You can answer 1, 2 or even all 3, and then ask me anything that you want!

1. Why did you start blogging, and what do you hope to gain from it?

2. What is your favorite thing to do on a "snow day"?
(I know some of you don't get snow, but if you don't then just look at it as a day spent in your home) Who do you like to spend the time with? What do you like to do? Do you play outside, or curl up inside?

3. Green eggs or ham?

Now, the floor is open. Ask away!


KatieSPerk said...

Hi Jenni! I just found your blog recently!
Answering your questions:
1. I started blogging to keep up with my bff who lives far away from me! And then it snowballed into a really fun thing to do. I have met some fun people!
2. Snow days are something I long for. We live in SC and dont get it that often. But a day home free of work (and chores!) is great. I like to read and cook when I get a chance.
3.Why choose? BOTH!

Questions for you:
1. If you won a free trip to anywhere in the US where would you go?
2. What is your Favorite Meal?

bananas. said...

hey hun...first, you look so cute in that pic. okay on to answers...

1. boredom. yup i was bored one day and decided to start a blog. i had no theme or direction, just me. it's grown a lot but me i've stay the same :)

2. i watch TV, blog, play with my dogs, love movie nights at home and eating.

3. neither...i like biscuits and gravy. YUM!

happy friday darling!

Corinne said...

1. I started because I moved 800+ miles away from home to live with my boyfriend who is going through medschool. Talk about a "new life".

2. Since having moved to a snowy place I'm in love. I love love love the snow! I enjoy readign a book next to our window while our christmas tree is lit, making homemade soup or spaghetti sauce, and playing in it whenever possible!

3. can I choose bacon? ;)

Now for you:
1. Waht did you used to want to be when you were younger? you know, like, "When I grow up I wanna become..."??
2. What is one thing that has followed you from your old/kid home-to your current home? (mine is a teddy bear that I was given the day I was born...poor guy has been through many "surgeries")

Simone said...

1. I was inspired to blog by a friend who wrote one already. I don't think I had any expectations when I started it, I just thought (v. cautiously!) I would see where it would take me. I will say though that I definitely never thought my blog would be where it is now :)

2. A snow day - we've had several of those this week! My favourite thing would be to stay home warm and dry with a large latte or hot chocolate.

3. I have never had green eggs, I have only heard of them in Dr Seuss!! Not mad on ham....could I have bacon too please?!

Questions for you:

1) If you were on a desert island, what two things would you take with you - Spencer and the dogs not included??

2) Do you have siblings and if so, are you the youngest or oldest child?


Thanks for the email yesterday....I get nearly as excited about other people's weddings as I did about my own...can you tell?! ;)

Rasha said...

1. I started to blog, so that I could maybe inspire people, and it was an outlet for my thoughts.

2. On a snow day? Cuddle up to my love near the fire with hot cocoa :)

3. only the book!

Question to you:
how did you know you loved your fiance?

SG said...

1. I started a blog to keep a record of my engagement period and wedding planning process. I thought it would be a fun thing to look back on.

2. Snow days- lay on the couch in front of the fire and watch reality tv shows, drink hot chocolate and spend time with my fiance

3. Ham

Now for you- How did you and your fiance meet? How did you know he was the one?

Selma said...

hey girl, i love the picture! :) so to quickly answer your questions...

1. i was bored, needed to do something new and thought i could use this as some sort of diary. i never wanted to gain anything from it. i met incredible people on here, and have started to love writing and all that. :)

2. unfortunately we don't get snow days over here. but when i'm off work/school (wherever i was at that time) and don't want to leave the house i just love to spend it with all kinds of things...i may bake, watch up to five movies in a row, read a book, blog, sleep for over ten hours, take a bubble bath with candles, or clean. :)

3. if i had to choose between these two? ham. but i'd rather go with biscuits and bacon. lol ;)

happy friday!!!! :) and happy early weekend!

brittany said...

my answers...
1. well. i kind of just did. at first i didn't post much and it just sort of evolved. not really sure why i started but i'm glad i did!
2. i loathe snow. that's why i live in the valley of ca :)
3. boo eggs. yay ham!

my questions...
if you could have dinner with any three people, living or deceased, who would they be and why?

what kind of relationship do you have with your parentals? are you close?


Kellie said...

You are awesome!

1. I started because.. well, I was bored. I needed something to do and to find a productive way to fill my days. Now I'm lucky enough to have 90 followers and to have met the most amazing women ever!

2. I hate snow.. so I stay inside. Lucky for me it only snows about once a year here. But I cozy up with a book, or watch the dogs having fun in the snow!!

3. Either both together, or just ham! I hate eggs alone!

My question:
What is your guilty pleasure?
What is one of the nicest things someone has done for you?
Where would you like to go more than anything?

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love Q and A's!

1. i started bc i was hoping to become pregnant asap and i could share the photos with my fam and friends. however, you cannot write your own book so now i love all of the lovelies i have met as of late. including you!

2. i like to stay in my pjs and drink peppermint hot cocoa and watch movies.

3. um, i don't do eggs. and ham, well not so much so i choose bacon.


Megan said...

Great idea lovely!

1. I started a blog to have a creative outlet and it has evolved into metting all these other wonderful bloggers.

2. Unfortunately we dont get snow but on a day at home I like to read, watch movies, blog of course and organise - I am an organisation freak.

3. Um Ham, i think

Do you have any wedding songs picked out, I have had mine picked for years (i'm not even engaged) and am always interested to know other peoples?

Annie said...

1. i started blogging because i had been reading blogs for quite a while and once i got engaged i decided it was a good point to start one.
2. on the last snow day i had from work 3 years ago, the only one i've had in 7 years, my sister and i did what any kid wants to do when it snows. go sledding and build snowmen!! ha! it was so much fun!! we tried building a fort with a slide as well but it was not easy ;) btw, i really do not like snow one bit. ha!
3. HAM! num, i love ham ;)

question for you...
where is your favorite place to shop?
what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Toothfairy said...

I started blogging, to fill in the gaps, when Boyfriend wasn't posting drawings. But now, I'm the one posting. :P I just want to be better in writing and taking pictures. Blogging helps me getting the feedback.

snowy day? stay in! or like today, short walk in the woods.

eggs, I don't like ham!

What kind of music do you like, other than john mayer?


Micaela said...

what a cute picture and idea!!! :)

1) i started blogging because it was nearly therapy. i started writing during a HUGE life change... my hopes were that if some beautiful stranger somewhere found themselves in an unfortunate situation like a painful break-up and came across my blog and saw that i have been there... they would feel less alone. I never would have imaged when i started that i would meet my bestie through blogging... that i would be connected and find support from SO many incredible people around the world. Blogging was def. the best decision ever!

2. cuddle under blankets with puppy & boyfriend (em, FIANCE! i can't believe it still!!! :) yay! thanks for your sweet congrats!) read/or watch a film. soup & grilled cheese a MUST!!!

3. eggs for sure, but no ham please!!! i'm a vegetarian :)

question for you: tell me what your first "grown up moment" was... when you realized you were truly an adult. :)