January 19, 2010

Q&A-Part 4

Good Morning everyone! And to all of you that had yesterday off....I am wicked jealous!!! Even my own mother rubbed it in that she got to stay home for MLK day! Sigh, I would have loved to have spent the day snoozing on the couch with the girls...

I on the other hand wouldn't have even known it was, if not for the lack of commuters, and stories on the news. And if you were off doing fun things yesterday then you may not have noticed my very first giveaway!!! Go enter, tell me your tips and maybe help out a very worthwhile cause. :)

And now it's time to answer a few more of your wonderful questions, asked a few weeks ago on this little post.
The first question today comes from Annie of Chapters of our life. Annie asks....
where is your favorite place to shop? what do you enjoy doing in your free time? .
Well, my favorite clothes shops would have to be The Limited (still hoping that Mia wins the spokesmodel competition! Its in judging right now! and a little place called Francesca's. It's newer, but in the past couple years we've had 3 of them pop up around Kansas City! I also love going to browse around Barnes & Noble and LOVE to spend time at Crate and Barrel (Can't wait until I get to register there!!!!)
My free time is kind of dictated by the weather. If it's nice out we love to go out to the dog park, visit the farmers market and get some new fresh vegetables, go garage sale/estate sale hunting or go take a walk in the park. If it's a little bit cooler or rainy, spending time indoors is nice. We'll veg out on our couch and watch movies with some homemade pizza to snack on, or go out to the movies and watch the newest blockbuster!

Next, Toothfairy of Notes from the Toothfairy who asks
What kind of music do you like, other than john mayer?.
Hmmm, I am actually not a big John Mayer fan. I guess I would describe my music taste as a little bit more alternative/indie. My favorite artists of this past year were The Epoxies, The Early November, Evermore, A Fine Frenzy, Imogen Heap, Ingrid Michaelson, Jem, Vampire Weekend, Weezer, Matt & Kim, the Republic Tigers, Sara Bareilles, The Swell Season, Snow Patrol, The Year Yeah Yeahs and Eisley. I also have a deep love with melody. "The Holiday" soundtrack has something about it that just relaxes me and makes me slip into a state of bliss. It's just beautiful. Click the youtube video above to listen for yourself..sit back, relax and imagine you have a glass of wine. :)

The, recently engaged, Micaela of Dolce Vita was next with a very interesting question that has left me stuggling to find just the right answer.... she wrote...tell me what your first "grown up moment" was... when you realized you were truly an adult. :).
I had a little trouble with this question, because at times I still feel like i'm not there yet. I think its just been this overall feeling that I have had for the past year or so. Spencer and I making our own decisions without help from our parents that have completely changed our lives. It feels like I finally have a grip upon creating my own destiny. We bought our home, I finished my first year of Grad School (something I decided to do all on my own), we brought two puppies into our lives and have had to take care of them....and then the biggest realization hit me only this past week. While typing upon the computer I looked down upon my hand and I realized that I am going to be someone's wife! I was going to help someone, and support them through life and they would be doing the same for me. So I suppose the answer to the question is that there wasn't a definitive time. There were moments leading up to it, an overall air of responsibility and then finally the revelation of it not being all about me anymore. It's a truly remarkable feeling. :)


Lauren of The Little Things We Do posted next, asking me
what is your go-to movie that always make you happy without fail?
Absolutely without a doubt The Holiday, Beauty & the Beast and Ever After. I just love these 3 movies and can watch them again and again no matter how many times i've seen them!


My dear friend Chloe of Sean &hearts Chloe then asked
okay, if you could be on any reality tv show, what would it be?
I would LOVE to be a judge on Top Chef! Of even sit in the kitchen and just watch them all running around like crazy! Cooking fascinates me, and when I watch it I always think to myself how much more amazing it would be if I were sitting there with them smelling the amazing meals and tempting my palette with the beautiful and enticing creations. So Bravo TV, if you are out there and you need a judge I am your girl!!!

...and last, but certainly not least! Mrs. K Law of K Law: Inspired asked....
1. Will you loan me your adorable pups for a weekend? 2. Are you a budget conscious bride or are you splurging because this is a once in a lifetime deal? 3. Will you be my friend?
Well Mrs. Law you are welcome to some visit my pups anytime! But i'm afraid if I let you borrow them you won't want to give them back! (they are pretty easy to love!) For our wedding we are being budget conscious but we are also splurging a little to make sure that each vendor is perfect for us! We actually are below our budget right now! But I know all of those last minute purchases may change all of that!!! and in answer to number 3.... gosh i'm so nervous!!! haha, I'll circle Yes! :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!
~ &hearts ~


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i want to be a judge on top chef too! omg! how fabulous would that be?

Kristin said...

OMG, seriously...being able to sample that food on Top Chef...Can you imagine?

KatieSPerk said...

Excellent questions and excellent answers!Mm top chef! I like the Holiday soundtrack too!

Morgan said...

This is so fun and such a great way to learn more! :)

Rasha said...

LLovee it.

~KS said...

Love reading more about you... and The LIMITED is my all time favorite store. I worked there in high school and for a year or so into college. LOVE THAT PLACE!!

Annie said...

so much fun to read!! i love learning about ya!
limited is one of my favorite places to shop as well, or it was, i have so many pairs of work pants from there that i haven't had to go there in a while. i love when they have huge sales though. i really need to go there soon ;)