February 2, 2010

The Secret!

disclaimer: This is not about anyone at all. It's simply me reflecting on why I read the blogs I read, and what I find interesting :) If I follow you, then I do because I love what i'm reading!! You girls are amazing!!!

In every good blog, a little bacon must fall.

Summer and I were venting this afternoon about blogging, and how as much as we love it it can be a little overwhelming! It seems like everyone is on blog-overload right now and people are dropping left and right taking little blog-aticals (get it? ...like a sabatical? haha) With so many amazing blogs out there...it makes it difficult to read everyones each day! So what makes a blog really stand out to me as a must read when things are getting a little crazy??
A visit from the BACON fairy of course!

1. Put a little meat on its bones! Let's be honest here... we all love to read about a little bit of drama! There is a REASON why Desperate Housewives is now in it's 6th season! No life is perfect! Share a little of your imperfections, your funny stories, your ambitions, even that funny dream you had the other night involving an octopus and a jar of peanut butter! (ok, maybe that was just me....) So, in other words... give us some BACON!

2. Don't be a negative nancy It's totally cool to blog about having a bad day, not feeling well or something that has happened. Blogging is after all a way to vent, to get out your frustrations, and know that you have a great support system who will listen and not judge. That's what makes blogging so great! However...if you are negative all the time...it's just bad juju, and it's not something people necessarily want to read.... and good luck if you ever blog about your job...and heaven forbid they find it! It's happened before! (So PLEASE be careful everyone!) ....again I will state, everyone needs to vent every now and then and that's what makes you all so unique and amazing. I do it myself quite often in fact! Its what makes this whole blogging comunity amazing. I just don't tend to read, or start following people's blogs if they are negative about everything.

So there you go...the secret ingredient in a great blog is bacon... and a little positivity. :) And you thought it was going to be something serious and profound didn't you!?

What makes you go back to a blog every day? Do you have a golden rule of your own?

~ &hearts~


Kimbirdy said...

How about a little stripples {for us vegetarians}? :)

Well said. For me, blogging and reading great blogs are stress relievers - my quiet time with tea - so I make time for it everyday, even when it's hard. I think my favorite blogs are ones that are real and personable, like reading a letter from a good friend.

Trac~ said...

It's my "me" time in the morning with my coffee - I try to make time to catch up on everyone else's blogs, but tend to spend more time trying to figure out a post for my own blog. :o)

Anonymous said...

cute and funny post jenni. love it. love your fairy the most, she's adorable.

really, it's like "where's the beef" commercials for wendy's, but in this case it's all about "where's the pork", lol.

you are definately right though, about keeping it interesting not just for yourself but your readers as well.

what keeps me visiting a blog over and over, are sense of humor, real stories and facts, fabulousness, enlightning and maybe tell me something i haven't heard or show me something i've haven't seen.

here's a link to a wendy's commecial i mentioned earlier, hope it amuses and makes you crack a smile and/or laugh.

kudos on this post.


Anonymous said...

whooops, i forgot to paste the link...sorry jenni. here it is.


Nicole said...

I LOVE my readers but if I go all negative nancy for awhile I dont think I would stop. A good blog to me is people being real and not writing for their readers. I would hate to read a fake blog filled with "fluff". I blog for a release. I blog to expand on my writing skills(or lack there of) lol. I love all the lil additions that comes from blog world.

carrie1 said...

Ewww... sorry you all are probably referring to me about the job bitching I apologize! =) I will minimize it.. I promise! =)

I don't like being all negative nancy...

P.S. don't hate me ~k~

Rasha said...

Good post and I agree, those all make me want to stop going back...!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

you know how i feel. i am loving that first photo! bacon goes well with everything.

MCW said...

Cheers to bacon and to being yourself!

Marian said...

I completely agree!! These girls are amazing on here. And blogging is such a stress reliever. Lets us vent about the bad and smile about the good. And I can't complain about the eye candy either;)

ChloƩ said...

I love this post and i completely agree with you Jenni! you said everything i would have said, just much nicer! i need to be morel like you! oh..and now i want bacon...mmmmm

Jaeve + Things said...

I agree w/ you completely! I am new to blogging, but I love it. It kind of provides a community of lovely and talented and like-minded gals who I otherwise wouldn't come across IRL. Also, it's great to blog about the things I love and have them make someone else's day. Making someone feel better or just knowing something I posted made them smile makes it all worth it. I see a lot out there that inspire me and I could only hope to give that back! :)

Simone said...

Am loving the bacon fairy!! :)

I read a variety of blogs but I think what keeps me coming back to a blog is feeling a connection of some sort with the writer......not necessarily someone who is like me, it can be someone who inspires me, who makes me laugh, who I just "get", just someone who is interesting.


Bridget said...

Love this post girl! just being able to have a release an be yourself is an awesome thing!

Ela said...

I love me some bacon!
In any way, shape or form :)

bananas. said...

See? Great minds think alike. I had been saving this post for today...collecting everything that bothers me about other blogs. So glad i'm not alone.

And i'm serious about the serial deja poster. I wouldn't be surprised if they stole a few of your posts without even knowing it. They never post a post of their own. Haha. This sounds like a folk tale or something.