February 3, 2010

Sunny Side-up!

It's been a long few months of crazy business and Sunny Side-up kind of got left in the dust! But now it's back!

So sit back, relax, and take a look at the things that I just can't stop smiling about this week!

Vendors? Check! We have finally hired all of our vendors! This weekend we signed on the dotted line, and hired our officiant Reverend Corrie! She is a non-denominational officiant in KC, and was recommended by our photographer. She decided to become an officiant when a friend asked her to do their wedding. So, she got ordained online. In her own words I searched out some websites and found the World Christianship Ministries. I liked the word Christianship and I really liked that the website let me choose my title from Minister, Pastor, Reverend, Evangelist, Bishop, Chaplain, Missionary, Elder, Deacon, Preacher or Other. I thought seriously about becoming an Elder, but it seemed a little bit pretentious, so I mailed off my check and a few weeks later a certificate arrived for Reverend Corrie Van Ausdal."
A non-affiliated officiant isn't for everyone... but for us its just perfect! We also choose our DJ. He is wonderful! He works strictly off of vinyl (which is a huge deal for spencer) and DJ's professionally. Right now he is preparing to DJ alongside avery well-known rapper!

I &hearts music We are in the phase of planning what music we want played, so my days are filled with exploring Lala.com and listening to good music that everyone will love. Right now i'm listening to "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat and I really love it. Particularly the line about being in love with my best friend...because I am! Spencer is my very best friend in the whole world. :)

I &hearts this heart necklace from Marvelous Madame.

I &hearts Valentines Day 2010 sadly Spencer has to work in the morning, but once he gets home we are going to veg out with some chinese delivery, snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. and I might make a sweet treat during the day....cookies? brownies? cupcakes? I just don't know!

I &hearts Percy Jackson and the Olympians! I had heard great things about the books, so I decided to give them a shot! I ended up reading the first 3 books in only about 5 days time. They were really fun to read! And now i'm super excited about the movie!!! (Bonus: It's from the same guy who brought us Harry Potter on the big screen!) Although, I do suggest brushing up a little on your Grecian gods/goddesses if you decide to read it!

I &hearts Ugly Betty is on tonight! It's one of my favorite shows and I can't wait to come home from class, snuggle on the couch and enjoy the laughs!

I &hearts this headband from Ban.do. I might just have to buy it for one of the upcoming wedding events! hmmm....bridal shower maybe?

I &hearts this! stunning necklace from Elva Fields . Isn't it beautiful!?

I &hearts Getting in shape It may not be too physicall noticeable yet...well, unless you saw me without my clothes on haha... but my working out and eating right is really starting to all work together! I am feeling so much better about myself, I have so much more energy and I have made the changes to give myself the right habits! Although, I'm still not giving up my morning coffee! I just can't do it! (But I do make it at home with just a little non-fat creamer, and i've cut back on my trips to Starbucks) Overall, I think its going to be an amazing few months as I drop the chunk and increase the muscle!

What is making you smile this week?
~ &hearts ~


Rasha said...

Great post! I love that you're getting married, so cute!! Im excited for you.

I love jason Maraz.. his music ROCKS!

carrie1 said...

Things that make me smile...

*T.P Assistant fell on her ass this morning on the ice... that made me smile even though I missed it! =(

* That you weren't talking about me in yesterdays post... for some reason I get a little paranoid

* That Chris surprised me and came home early from out to sea! =)

KLaw said...

I heart these posts of yours! hope you have a great week lady!

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

I love that headband! Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caliat is a great song! I know it was on a list on knot.com and some girl was pissed since it was her first dance song. I should post my wedding songs.

Kris said...

LOVE that Mraz!!!

MCW said...

I love the yoga class I just took. And I love how cute you are!

Cristin said...

Did you know this is Ugly Betty's last season! I know.. so sad! I love Ban do too! :)

Laura said...

That head band is adorable! You should get it! =)

SG said...

I LOVE that Jason Mraz song. It will definitely be on our must play list at the wedding along with "I'm Yours" which was the song playing when Kristian proposed :)

Belen said...


If I weren't in school right now, I think I'd fly through the books too but I'm only in the middle of the second. :( There are times in the middle of the school/work day and I think to myself, "UGH, I just wanna read!" LOL.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh my gosh I am so impressed with your wedding progress! You have more vendors booked than I do!

Simone said...

I love Sunny Side Up, I've missed it!

LOVE that Jason Mraz song, that's a great album!

Fantastic that you have already booked all your vendors....nice job Jenni!

You are doing so well with your exercise, so great that you are feeling SO GOOD!!

Thanks for your message on my blog yesterday....am glad that I have been able to lead so many people to you, you know I am a big fan of your blog :)

Wedding dresses.....I keep seeing so many gorgeous dresses....I think a post would be good!

Happy Friday :)

Anonymous said...

banana nut bread my dear, that is what is making me happy as i bake it. baked one yesterday for girlfriend and she loved it.

i am so proud of you too, with your working out. sounds like it's already paying off with the increase in energy. coffee is actually good with pumping up your metabolism.

i ♥ your choices of necklaces and headband, i am loving the top as well.

don't be bummed on hearts day, my hubby will also be working that day, so we plan to do something before then. wish you both a fun filled night.


Amber said...

Love the list!! I too will never give up my morning coffee. I love it way too much and it is pretty much the only thing I look forward to in the morning...besides kissing my Poot of course:)