March 2, 2010

Looking Past the Lens

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself to love who you really are.
It's Tuesday! The week has in full swing, and it's time for Looking Past the Lens!
It is my hope that Looking Past the Lens will help to remind each of us what it is we love about ourselves and hopefully put a little smile on everyone's face.

1. What is one thing that you love about yourself today?
I love that I am starting to see the efforts of my hard work. My pants were looser today and I feel stronger!
2. What is one thing that you just can't stop smiling about?
Betty, my Boston Terrier last night. She was sitting on Spencer's lap last night and following the cursor on his laptop screen with her eyes for a good solid 5 minutes. She even tried licking it!
3. A moment recently where you felt truly special.
This weekend when we were talking about where to go on our honeymoon and I was getting irritated that Spencer wasn't giving me much of an opinion until he said, "I don't care where we go. I get to marry you! I'll be happy anywhere we go!"
4. A personal goal for the upcoming week.
I have two. One is to eat more green. Vegetables that is!. Two is to clean the house top to bottom for our party this weekend!

Make sure you add your link to the list so people can read your answers!



Cat said...

ahh i love these little posts! trust me i'd happily be your make-up artist if i lived over there!! I adore the fact your story is on your blog and its now based mostly on your wedding! im so excited for you! xxx

KatieSPerk said...

How sweet is Spencer? PIcking you honeymoon spot is hard! I always suggest go somewhere warm where you can totally relax!!

~KS said...

Spencer's comment about your honeymoon.... love it. You are such a lucky girl!!

Kristin said...

Awww, what a super sweet fiance you've got lady!

Gwen said...

AWW...what a super sweet man you have!!! Have a fabulous week!!! XOXO

Rasha said...

Darn cute.

passport in my pocket said...

wow - great work with all your progress! congratulations! so happy you're feeling good! :) I know what you mean - coffee trumps tea every time....

Anonymous said...

hey girlie: i am so proud of you for getting all strong and fit. your Spenser is the sweetest. hope that whatever destination you choose, that it be fun, exotic, adventurous and romantic for you both.

enjoy your weekend to the fullest