March 1, 2010


Seriously?! It's March!?!

I can't believe how fast the time has flown! Spencer and I's wedding is now officially in 236 days! Thats about 7 months, which is kind of scary with so much left to do!!! But, right now I think we're on a pretty good path. I can't wait for the next 7 months!

Vendors? check!
Cake? Check!
We've set our date to go to Crate and Barrel and make our registry.
We have thought up some great ideas for invitations & decor. (to be revealed as we get a little closer!)
We are having our engagement party this weekend!

I have dress appointments for the 19th! I'm thinking something similar to this with a full skirt and tight corset with a dropped waist. I'm long waisted so they tend to look nice on me. :)
The color swatch for my bridesmaid dresses came in and it's PERFECT!

I found out about a new flower called the Mokara Orchid that is really beautiful and comes in all the colors we're using in our wedding, so they may just have to be included somehow! Has anyone used the Mokara Orchid before?
I lost 2 lbs. last week! I've been a little frustrated because i've been exercising by doing cardio for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week, weight lifting, abdominal and leg work each night as I watch tv for about 30 minutes (average of 5 days a week) and watching what I eat. I have been losing inches, but the number hasn't budged! Which isn't horrible because I know i'm gaining muscle, so the fact that i'm not gaining weight and staying the same was a good thing. Still discouraging however, and then this past week...2 lbs down!! I know I just needed to get past the hurdle, and now my body is really going to start changing. :).....although, it already has been. Spencer told me that my boobs are smaller and had a sad little face when he said it.... I hadn't really noticed, but now that he has brought it to my attention, holy cow yes they have! My bras now fit perfectly and I haven't noticed my back hurting as much anymore. (I think it's all the chest flies/presses)
We have started looking at wedding bands. :) YAY!
I have a hair appointment this wednesday, and boy do my roots need it! They are crying out and naked! But I need to make a decision. Right now my hair goes to my shoulders. Its always been short, it holds curl well and Spencer likes it the question is, do I keep it short? Or do I grow it out so that I can do an updo for the wedding? I know extensions can always be used but i'm not a big fan of extensions. It's just a weird thing I have....fake nails, fake hair, braces....I hate having them on me because it feels fake....
If I keep it short it will be curly, but I kind of want it up too....and if I cut it now then it wont be long enough come October. Plus, I don't have my dress yet, so what if I chop it off and then the dress I choose would look better with an updo? eek! What to do?!
and last but not least....we did my taxes.....and now a honeymoon is going to be possible! Thank you U.S. Government! If I could, I would kiss you!

I hope everyone has a lovely afternoon!!!!



Simone said...

Wow Jenni, you are doing brilliantly with all the planning....are you sure you aren't an event planner really?! You should be one :)

I love the sound of your dress - and you seem like you are really clear on what suits you. I love the sound of the updo...I would be tempted to grow my hair I think.

Yay for honeymoons....any ideas?

I thought of you today as I went to the gym....thought of how hard you have been working and how I have been doing terribly!! But I did it today and it was great :)

Yay for losing inches....I did giggle at the thought of Spencer's sad face though!!

Way to go are one FABULOUS bride-to-be!! xo

PS Your cakes sound A-MAZ-ING.....WOW!!

Rasha said...

Great planning darling, you can help me with mine, haha.

LOVE the look of that dress!

SG said...

You are definitely making some great progress. Sounds like you're on the ball. Good job!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy about that money for your honeymoon! YAY!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You are so on the ball and congrats on the honeymoon fund!

p.s. You have to check out my blog in the next few weeks. I will be hosting a number of giveaways that may interest you (couture garter, fascinator, etc.)!

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

The dress you described is similar to my dress! Having a fitted top was such a blessing. Never had to suck in the whole day! I think you definitely need to browse hair do's and see what you like. Maybe don't cut it this appointment and just let it grow until you know exactly what you want. Easier to cut than grow!

Megan said...

Oh its all so exciting!! Have a great time at your engagement party.

Morgan said...

Girl! You're making some serious progress! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

wow girlie you have been busy, but looks like you have accomplished a lot with lots more in order. i think you should wait on whether or not to cut your hair, maybe after you've decided on your gown your idea will become more clearer, plus you can always cut it after your wedding and honeymoon, so that you may have your gorgeous updo. i love the prospect of your wedding gown. you are gonna be ravishing.

thanks for sharing your details with us, i am so excited for you and Spencer.

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Time flies when you are happy and in love my dear!
Good luck with all the planning. It seems like you are right on track!


Elizabeth said...

Taxes that pay for a honeymoon...that's my kind of rebate :)

Simply Me said...

I love how we are only days apart in our wedding date :) I try not to do ALL my posts about weddings.. but come on seriously. How fun are they!!!
I'm glad you liked the pups :)