April 11, 2010

M.I.B. -Missing in Blogging

Hello everyone, and a lovely sunday evening! It seems that my life is still going 100 miles per minute and I have been struggling to find time for myself without 100 things to do! This week I....
got my car inspected because I realized my plates expired. It failed the first inspection and I then had to get it fixed and re-inspected! 2 days at repair shops and 20 minutes at the DMV later I am officially licensed and on the road!
Ordered wallpaper for our wedding photo wall! I have been looking for just the right pattern so that it can be mimicked on our invitations, as well as frosted onto mirror squares for our tabletops. It's been hard finding a pattern but we have some samples on the way and i'm hoping they work out as beautiful as they look online! (as a bonus we may use the same paper and wallpaper the wall behind our tv in our home!)

This is our pattern, but we will be getting it in tan-gold/ivory so it's just a subtle look.

Schoolwork overload! I have a 10 page research paper, 1 page advertisement, 10 page group paper and two group presentations by the end of the month, so i've been a busy busy bee!
My interview! I went to an interview last week. It lasted for almost 2 hours and was with the president of the company. The job would be an amazing opportunity and if I get called back my next interview will be to meet the team in Chicago. The competition is FIERCE, but I am honored just to be invited for an interview to such a prestigious company. If nothing else comes of it I am just excited to be considered. That being said, cross your fingers and wish me luck! I have at least a two week wait before I hear anything.
Working out has been successful. I've started to see changes in my body and I love the way I have been feeling. The past 2 weeks i've taken off friday-saturday and gone every other day. In fact right now Spencer and I are planning to leave in a bit for a late sunday night sweating session :)
Working on a special project for Mrs. Summer!
Netflix Roku has been working overtime. Spencer and I have watched the entire series so far of Rescue Me, and just started Season 1 of The Riches. I love having a fun tv show to watch each night before bed. :)
Last, but not least, I have been searching Etsy like crazy to see all of the beautiful hairpieces for my wedding. Right now theres a chance I may use my sisters headband from her wedding. However, I have started looking toward hair combs, and there are quite a few that i've really fallen in love with....




While browsing for hair accessories, I have also come across two flowers that I would really love to own. :) I think they would be perfect for wearing to the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and everyday wear! Soooo, if anyone wants to get me an engagement present these would be great! haha just kidding!



I hope everyone is doing amazingly well! I miss you all!!!!



KatiePerk said...

You have been a busy gal! Crossing my fingers for a call back. I adore the hair combs. So glamorous!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I love hair candy (just posted about hair bands today) esp. those with crystals. Sending good vibes that you get to the next round!

Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

I love the crystal hair combs! Gorgeous!

PS I am enjoying following your blog and would love if you could follow mine too. I am a brand new blogger.

Corinne said...

crossing my fingers, toes, arms, and legs that you'll get a call back!!!

Oh and all those hair pieces I adore - wouldn't be able to pick one! But I love the splash of color!

bananas. said...

The first flower...the teal one...would look very nice.

Good luck with everything. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you to get the job.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

You are a busy girl! Make sure you take time to breathe! Sending good thoughts about the job!

And I love them all, but especailly #1!

MCW said...

Fingers crossed for the job!

Kimbirdy said...

where did you get the wallpaper and how exactly are you going to use it? are you building a wall to apply to? or are you just going to hang the wallpaper like you would a sheet? i'm doing some research on this very thing so i would love to know more.