April 15, 2010

The sun is shining...the birds are singing....

...and I had sooo much trouble waking up!
I planned to get up this morning and head to the gym at 9....
but this morning for some reason I couldn't get up and make it until 9:30...
Hmmmm I wonder if this had anything to do with it?

Yes, every morning our little Betty snuggles up under the blankets and settles herself into her daddy's arms. How can you leave all that cuteness and get motivated to go to the gym!? haha Mia on the other hand was running laps around the bedroom ready to go romp around in the sunshine! Those little girls just make my day! It's been a beautiful day so far. I've been running around enjoying the sunshine and getting some things done...like going to the post office, because YES we did wait until the very last moment to turn in our state taxes! Luckily, the line wasn't very long at all.
In other news the beautiful, and inspiring, Belen tagged me to look at what I carry in my purse! If you haven't checked out her blog you definitly should. You all say that you are inspired by my motivation and dedication to getting healthy, but this girl motivates me! She has overcome her fear of the gym and made it a part of her life. She is honest, straightforward and encouraging to me when I read her blog and hear of her struggles and successes with getting healthy. :)
And now....here is what I carry in my purse!

1. My purple purse I got this purse on clearance after Christmas. It's a little big, but I love it! Lots of pockets, the purple color and the twisty strap!
2. My Aqua gym towel because you just have to have a pretty color towel to wipe the sweat off mid-run!
3. Sony running headphones These headphones are fabulous! I have small ears and so earbuds will never stay in my ear! After numerous frustrating runs where the sound would get dimmer and dimmer before it stopped entirely and fell out I found these little gems! I love them and the pink strap that goes around the ear can tighten down so it hugs your ear. :)
4. The Golden Compass I never read this series as a kid, but I always wanted to so i'm reading it now. I try to carry it with me to read when i'm in line or waiting on something.
5. My rose-print clasp wallet for carrying all of the cash :) (or in my case plastic)
6. My 4 notebooks I am a planner! One of the books is an agenda, one keeps track of finances, one is for my Creativity class and i'm supposed to use it to write special thoughts and things I notice, and the last one is to make notes for wedding planning! Yes it's a big excessive but I like to be organized.
7. My businesscards I like keeping them on hand in case someone I am talking to is in the market for family/wedding/senior photos or graphic arts!
8. My blackberry I ♥ my Blackberry! I never thought I would get one, but having a fiance who works for T-Mobile does have its perks!
9. My 24 hour fitness membership card I may put this in my wallet, but right now it floats around my purse in its little plastic sleeve.
10. Keys for the car, the house, etc. Don't you just love my "little house" keychain? I just think its so cute!
11. Combination lock Again, for the gym.
12. Writing utensils My bag doubles as my bag for class each week and I never like being without a pen or pencil! As you can see, I am also a huge Sharpie fan!!! Nothing like that first stroke of black ink on a fresh piece of paper... my inner geek is showing!
13. Makeup I like to have a little bit of touch-up powder, spot concealer, chap stick and gloss on hand. You never know when it may come in handy after a quick run at the gym or quick errand that turns into an all-day event!

So now that i've shown you mine...I want you to show me yours!!!
I tag Simone, Lacey, Annie, KS, Mara, and Brittany!



Caroline said...

I love looking into purses ... that is on blogs :)!! I had such trouble getting up this morning too. That photo is great! Much love to you. XO

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

cuddle muffins are the best!

ps - lovin the bag!

bananas. said...

okay...that turquoise towel in your purse is too cute. you really don't mess around when it comes to working out. you're prepared! love it!

and love the picture of your hunnies :)

Kellie said...

I love your bag! I used to carry a huge bag FULL of stuff, now I carry a smaller one and only like 6 or 7 things. It's weird.

brittany said...

how fun is this! i may just have to take you up on that tag there missy. :)

super cute bag!

KLaw said...

I think its so neat to see what people carry in their bags! :)

Hope you have a great weekend ladycakes.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Cute bag! I have a bunch of junk in mine I need to clean out! Hope you have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

I love The Golden Compass! The whole trilogy is great. And the movie doesn't do it justice.

Belen said...

Aw, my love buggie! Thanks for the kind words! You are always one of the few people I keep in mind when I'm at the gym. I really do think of the blog world and the support I get from you guys while I'm working out!

I LOVE your bag by the way! I took keep my headphones in my purse as well. When I took my picture, it was a day that wasn't typical, so I had a lot of missing things, haha.

Love ya girl!