May 11, 2010

Hi Ladies!!!

Dearest Bloggie Friends!
Ok guys I need your help. I know I have been absent for a little while now busy finishing up school and everything, but be prepared for a long entry tomorrow updating you all on everything going on in my life!
In the meantime if you could please go vote for my wedding on the Dessy Fan page of Facebook I would appreciate it!!! I could win $500 toward my wedding!!!
I am hoping this link works... but if it doesn't then search for the dessy page on Facebook and then go into the promotions link to vote on the Pantone Wedding Competition. Look at all of the entries (there are only 3) and my entry is titled "An Elegant, Refined Affair" Please bookmark it and vote for me each day!!!!
Love you all!!! KISSES!

PS-This is my entry! (It's an Inspiration board contest!)

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KatiePerk said...

I voted today!! Pretty board!