May 4, 2010

Driving Ballet

While driving home last night Spencer made a comment about my driving. I don't plan ahead. I don't think about where I need to be to make the turn that it coming up in 5 minutes. I just let things happen.
It got me thinking about driving, and being at that point when you are driving along, wind in your hair and letting your mind wander to new things. That relaxing peaceful moment of just you on the open road. As cars merge in front of me, or switch lanes smoothly, weaving in and out from the other cars in's like a dance.
Sometimes traffic can be irritating, and frustrating...but at some points its nice to just sit back, enjoy the ride and watch the flow of traffic dancing in front of your eyes.

haha, some of you may think I sound like a loon,
but I think it's a wonderful thing to find beauty in the everyday.
It makes life a little more interesting!



Simone said...

I was just thinking about you about 5 mins ago Jenni - that's the blog-world for you!! Was thinking I should pop over and there you are posting :)

You sound like a very relaxed driver, wish I was! I don't drive that much, living in town I don't really need to but when I do I just don't really enjoy it - I need to work on that!

You would have been so proud of me today....instead of walking fast on the treadmill.....I ran!!! So happy :)

PS LOVE your wedding bands - gorgeous....and LOVE the brooches on the cakes, what a great idea.

Take care sweetie xo

bananas. said...

loon? not at all. i agree actually! there is so much beauty to living that we miss because we're always in a hurry.

it's like that song that says, "i'm in a hurry to get things done so i rush and rush til life's no fun." well i think that's what it says. haha.

anyway, dancing is always a good thing...whether it's to music or to life :)

ChloƩ said...

i am right there with ya girl! this was a beautiful post. you are a beautiful person! i love your outlook on life, it inspires me!!

Kimbirdy said...

no that's really great. i haven't driven in 5 years because i sold my car when i moved to san francisco (where i can just walk everywhere). but moving to LA this summer will require a car and i've been freaked out about it. but i remember those days of just driving and listening to music and floating my hand in the wind. that's good to remember. so thanks! :)

Selma said...

Still catching up on blogs, and yours of course is one of them girl. :) No, I don't think you sound like a loon. ;) Beauty needs to be found every single day in every single thing...the bad, the good, the ugly, and the beautiful. So, as you said, it does make life interesting. It makes life worth living! :D


chelsea rebecca said...

you do not sound like a loon!!!
as a fellow non thinker ahead people always comment on my driving!! i always weave!! this post is just all kinds of awesomeness!!

Elizabeth said...

I don't think you sound like a loon at all :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

You're totally not a loon. I love your outlook!

Beatriz said...

You know, I've never thought about it before, but I have been a dancer all my life, and I LOVE driving. The music blaring through my speakers just gets me pumped. I can't really dance in the car... although I try to jam anyway ;) Coincidence much? Lovely blog!

PS My giveaway ends tonight! Come check it out ; )