June 3, 2010

We have a winner!!!

After over 60 entries into the contest...
we finally have a winner!
Drum roll please.....

It's Mindy of [M}^2!

She has an adorable blog you should all hurry over and check out!
I'm so glad to gain her as a new follower!

Mindy, email me as soon as possible with your contact info
so I can contact CSN to send you your beautiful new Ribbons carafe!
Thank you again for the outpouring of love and kind words each of you sent
throughout this contest, and the last week,
with my little puppies being in the hospital.
One week ago exactly was the worst day of my life
I am so happy to say that they are completely recovered
and just a little bit sleepy today. :)


PS- I swam 60 laps at the pool today in an hour and a half! 
It was a mixture of arms, kicking and straight swimming. 
I'm exhausted but I feel amazing!


Lyka Kalabaw said...

Nice post i like it, keep blogging and If you want too, kindly and please visit my blog http://www.lyka.com/ thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mindy and you go super woman. i can just imagine the guns on your arms. {{{high-five}}} girly.

^-^ oxox

Mindy said...

Yayy!!! :o) Thanks everyone!
Did you get my email?