June 30, 2010

Wedding Updates!!!!

My gown came in!!!
This weekend I will hopefully be going to try it on for the first time with my sister!
I can't wait to try it on!
My bridesmaids all officially picked their dresses a few weeks ago
and all of them have been ordered and are on their way!
Here's what the ladies will be wearing....

Spencer and I have been making some progress on our wedding.
We finally have choosen one of the songs for our ceremony. 
My cousin is playing the violin
and for the parents entrance and mom's lighting candles
we wanted something simple and lovely
so we choose this haunting little melody...
She will be cleaning it up a little and adding her special little flare
but I know that this melody will begin our wedding ceremony
and I can't wait to be sitting back and waiting for the ceremony to begin
taking a deep breathe, as this tune floats through the air.

We have also changed up our wedding flowers!
Originally we were going with autumn inspired colors
yellows oranges, blood reds and deep purples...
but I kept having problems
and I just couldn't see it.
It was too dark!
and then the other night it all came together
and our flowers are going to be inspired by the colors of sunset

Circus roses (small open blooms will be the boutonnieres, and they will be in bouquets)

I'm so excited!
Its all coming together now :)
Next up....
Invitations! EEK!



Kell said...

Cute.. cute.. CUTE!
The bridesmaids dresses are adorable, my favorite is the one on the far right. The colors are beautiful too. How exciting :)

KLaw said...

OMG, its going to be so amazing!!! I can't wait to see it all come together :)

KatiePerk said...

Love the looks of the bmaids! Your flower selection is gorgeous!!

Kristin said...

Your girls are going to look so gorgeous in that color!

Morgan said...

Love wedding updates!
Your bmaid dresses are perfect - love that they are all different!
And the flower color choices are spot on! Nice work!

SG to SP said...

I love the bridesmaid dresses, those all work really well together and I love that your flowers are inspired by the colors of the sunset. How pretty!

Simone said...

The bridesmaids are gorgeous Jenni....as are the flowers.....WOW!!!

SO EXCITING that your dress came in....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Hugs to you honey! xo

Marian said...

AHHH!! You got your dress how exciting!! My dress fitting was perfect. I was so nervous I wouldn't like it anymore, but it was perfect and just what I had imagined!! And I'm sure it will be the same way for you.

And those bridesmaid dresses are lovely!! They did such a great job.

And the flowers...where to even begin. Everything looks great. Kind of makes me want to get invited;) Or at least be a fly on the wall...can't wait for pictures from the big day to see how it all plays out:)

Kerr said...

beautiful flowers!

Corinne said...

Excited that you'll be trying on YOUR gown soon! How exciting!!! Please be sure to update on how it was :)

I love the new flowers you picked out - they are absolutely beautiful. And I LOVE your bridesmaid dresses...they are so chic, beautiful and will be so flattering!

Annie said...

how exciting that your dress came in!!!
i'm totally in love with the bridesmaid dresses! LOVE them all!!
the flowers are all beautiful!
everything is coming together perfectly hun! :)

MCW said...

I love ranunculus! Weird name, but they always look so beautiful in all the different colors...

Amberdawn said...

Love it! I'm planning on violin and very similar color palette! I'd been calling it "jewel tones" but I like your interpretation :)

Selma said...

So glad everything's coming together...and that color!!! You all will look gorgeous!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

yay yay yay!! Everything sounds and looks so beautiful! You are going to look stunning I just know it!

Meghan said...

The dresses, the flowers - oh, you are going to have such a beautiful day! I simply love that all of your girls are wearing different styles!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Wow your flowers are going to be beautiful. Just found you via the Rosebuds! I have been married for...8 weeks now, and am so happy but kinda miss the planning phase! It was so much fun. Your wedding looks like it will be stunning. You can find pictures of mine on my blog if you would like to see it.

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