July 6, 2010

Raindrops keep fallin'

Sorry for the absense...
Remember that check that I got for the damages to our basement? Yeah...I deposited it, it went 
through my account, it wasn't pending anymore...we started spending it...and then my bank yanked 
it back out causing about $2000 in debt....I was declined on a $12 yoga mat purchase... lets try 
feeling centered and zen after that!
So since friday morning I have been battling...
I had to get the check endorsed by the title company and the city. The title company signed it no problem, but the city won't. I have been to city hall 4 times now...and each time im told that im 
 either in the wrong place, they need legal to look over everything or that things just take awhile 
when you are dealing with government.... (Sidenote: I need the citys signature because of a grant 
given to us upon purchasing our home. if we live here 10  years we dont pay it back, but until then 
they are on all our documents) Now its tuesday... and im waiting for a call to see when i can drive 
up there AGAIN, find parking AGAIN and hopefully get it signed....

I'm really hoping its soon...and then I can leave and go for a long swim to relax.....
wish me luck guys!
oh and PS -grant me strength... my old position opened up because the other girl is quiting....
so now every time I do a job search it pops up as a horrible reminder of how everything used
to be....


carrie1 said...

Damn city hall! Dont you hate ignorant people... I swear they do stuff like that just to piss us off!

Hope you get the check signed soon.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i say look at that job each time it pops in your search and let it be a reminder that you hated it there. that you are much better off not being there and remind yourself how far you have come since then! ok?

the city and govt are slow are molassas when it comes to money!

Belen said...

i agree with summer!!!
i haven't walked into b&n since my interview, and i spend that extra gas on going to the other b&n much farther away for my books. but i know i need to suck it up and stop holding a grudge, lol.

i loved "I was declined on a $12 yoga mat purchase." because it reminded me how my friend was declined on a 5 dollar meal at mcdonald's. it was sad but slightly funny when it happened.

i wanna take up yoga. i've looked into it but all the places around my city are full of "i'm really awesome cuz i do yoga" b_tches, LOL. and the ones that aren't, well you can tell they probably aren't worth the money because the places are so run-down. but i purchased a "biggest loser" fat-burning yoga video that i've only tried once. i wanna give it another try. ...all i need is that mat, haha.