July 27, 2010

So Thankful

First of all, I have to send my pal Summer LOTS of love!!!
Remember this little beauty from a few days ago?
well, it's on its way to me right now
from my dear dear Summer!!
And it's lined in blue satin!!!
What did you carry on your wedding day?

I also wanted to send a big thank you to all of you. Over the past few months my posts haven't been exciting, they haven't been filled with pretty things or exciting news... they have been more a venting of frustration, a breath of air as I tried to escape and overcome my pains and sorrows. I can't imagine a time in my life where I had so many lows and very little to say that wasn't whimsy filled... So thank you to all of you. All of you wonderful followers, new and old. I am shocked and so gratful and honored to have not lost a single followed on this long road of self-discovery and I think you so much for sticking with me, or even just now beginning to follow me! You are all amazing women and I admire each and every one of you. Thank you for your support, your comments and your loving thoughts. I can never thank you enough.... but I can try!!!! I may just have a little giveaway in mind.... check back later for some details!

On the wedding front I have never been more excited for anything in my entire life! 
New wedding news?
We applied for our passports this morning!!!
Summer got me my beautiful clutch!
My aunt Karen and her husband are driving from Mexico, to come to our wedding!
♥  My dress is at my moms house and its gorgeous!
  We are taking engagement photos in 2 weeks
  We have almost chosen all of our ceremony music!
(If you want me to share the music in another post let me know in the comments section and I will!)
♥  For my birthday i'm having a late celebration with my family in two weeks and we're going out on a boat all day for some fun in the sun and then having dinner together somewhere. I can't wait!

3 months!!!!!!!


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love you and cannot wait for your big day to get here!

Rasha @ {andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

That is an awesome wallet!

Morgan said...

Very exciting!!! Love all the wedding details... keep them coming! :)

Kimbirdy said...

at my wedding i'm not holding anything except my fiance's hand. :)

seriously though, no flowers, no clutch. our wedding is going to be filled with fun stuff like art, lawn games, and dancing, so i wanted the freedom to be involved. there are some beautiful clutches though that i've seen that make me want to just buy them and set it out for decoration. :)

Dani said...

LOVE that clutch!

capperson said...

LOVE the clutch!! And yay for the big day getting closer and closer! So happy for you :)

Nicole said...

The clutch is perfect for you.

And it sounds like things are coming together with the planning. You have to be so excited!

Simone said...


What an exciting time....and for what it's worth, your blog has been inspiring and full of lovely things to me. You have shown great strength - and a great sense of humour and honesty during a really stressful time....very impressive!!

SO sorry I missed your birthday....hope it was lovely! xo

Jess Herbig said...

would love to hear what music you're walking down to, first dancing to, dad dancing to.....? A little jealous, me and mr. Me didn't have much music at our wedding, it would have offended his very strict, reserved relatives to the point that they would have left the wedding and not talked to us ever again! So I live vicariously through every other bride who gets to dance the night away!

Micaela said...

EXCITING things your way beautiful (and newly 26-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) girl and bride-to-be.

i'm so excited to be a part of your BEAUTIFUL journey to "i do" and therafter ;)