July 20, 2010

Today is...

Playing with my pups, Heffalump and Woozel
 One hour of P90x Cardio
 One hour of swimming (50 laps)
 5 hours of working on my final paper for class
5 hours of designing wedding invitations
Cooking up some yummy turkey cutlets that i've had marinating for 24 hours
Watching some Losing It With Jillian, America's Got Talent and Rescue Me
Crawling into bed with Spencer for our nightly ritual of one episode of Nip/Tuck.

Only 4 days until my birthday!!!!!!


KatiePerk said...

You have a full day ahead of you! Those pups are adorable!

KLaw said...

Busy bee!! Hope you have a good day!!

carrie1 said...

Wowzers.. thats a busy day! I wish I had your motivation.

Kell said...

That sounds like a fun, full day!!

Kristin said...

An hour of cardio? That fills me with dread. Wow am I outta shape. HA!

MCW said...

Impressive workout schedule! You go!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Your dogs are the cutest, my boyfriend and I want to get a Boston Terrier someday. Yikes, 50 laps of swimming, I could never do it, I'm envious of your endurance!