August 27, 2010

Friday Funday!

It has been a FABULOUS day!
I woke up a little sore after doing yoga AND hitting the gym yesterday.
I ran my butt off on that elliptical and even had the guy next to me pacing himself off of me!
I'd speed up, and in the corner of my eye so would he!
I'd slow down and slowly he would too!
It was kind of cool being the person who holds the pace...for so long I would sprint and have to almost go down to a slow crawl to catch my breath, but now I hold a normal runners pace, sprint for a minute or two, and easily go back to my runners pace to slow down my heartrate a little. It feels good!
I hope you all are enjoying my little daily series...

... because I really enjoy writing about it each day, and it is really helping hold me accountable!
I am taking a small break for today, but I am going to make sure to do some ab work tonight.
Every little bit helps!

Other than the workouts, Spencer and I's passports came in today!!! YAY! I am so excited to go on our honeymoon! Now i've got the passport, the flipflips, some fun summer swimsuit here I come! (Although, i'm waiting a few more weeks so I can hit the mega clearance at the beginning of fall!) I'm thinking of purchasing a little passport cover/book for it and i'm leaning toward this little cutie...
It's from Jenni20 on Etsy and I think its so cute! I'm still thinking about it, but I may have to order it pretty soon! I also just paid off the balance due on the honeymoon! WOOHOO! Its going to be soooo amazing!!!!!! 

And for the best news of all! Our photographer sent me a message saying we were an EXTREMELY photogenic couple, and she has 300 photographs that were keepers from our engagement session!!! I seriously can not wait! The disk is ready tonight and I am heading down there in just a moment to go get it from her and see her adorably sweet little Boston Terrier.

And speaking of photos...i'll leave you with some of my favorites from the past few weeks.... of my puppies!!!! Aren't they just the most darling puppies around!?

PS-Don't forget to enter the "letter lovers" giveaway!!!


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Kristin said...

Love your passport cover! It's SO adorable!