October 14, 2010

9..9...I'm feelin' Fine!

In 9 days I will be saying, "I Do!"

Today was a good day. I spent my morning listening to music... we're still working hard to find that one perfect song to dance our first dance to. I went tanning after that and just about died from the crazy heat! I must have gotten in the bed RIGHT after someone had gotten done using it. I felt like I was sweltering, and I sweat so much I slid when I tried to sit up. haha, might be TMI but it made me laugh out loud!
Tonight I spent the evening wrapping all of the presents for my bridesmaids and other VIP's of the wedding, and prepping mirror squares for our next big project. Right now Spencer is working on some things and we're watching Terriers. Not a bad show :)
Tomorrow I plan to finalize my hair selections to show to my stylist, call and check on some appointments, work on centerpieces, hopefully make it to tanning and Zumba and then cuddling in to watch my favorite Thursday night shows! (Grays Anatomy, Fringe, Bones and Private Practice!) Sigh...it's the simple things, right? 
I am starting to get really excited, with the occasional spurt of insane nervousness that makes me shake and worry from head to toe. This usually occurs at midnight when I am trying to get to sleep...which isn't so great in the sleep department. People keep telling me it's almost here and then I can relax because its over....but really, i'm trying to savor every moment of the planning, every bow I tie, every design I make and every precious moment of the beginning of the rest of our lives. :)
And as a sidenote.... tonight I dug through my pajama drawer and found a tank-top and boxer set
from Target. A Medium that has been collecting dust as I wait to be able to wear it...
and Target tends to run a little bit small on some things.... well....
Go me! They fit perfect!



Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

Oh my gosh, 9 days!!! It sounds like you are totally on top of things too! :)

La Tache said...

that is great!! congrats on getting soo close!! this is all soo exciting!!!! and congrats on the jammies!! that is always such a great feeling!

Simone said...

Yay you, how exciting!!! 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savour it all Jenni, you sound as though you are doing wonderfully :)

Enjoy your TV shows :) xx