October 15, 2010

EIGHT....Feeling GREAT!

Wow....I feel absolutely crazy saying that I only have 8 days left until I get married!
I still feel like I have got to have at least 2 weeks...but nope!!!
So here are my thoughts for today....
I finished up my tanning package tonight. I had purchased a month and a week. I have a nice little glow now, but I want to bump it up a little and not let it fade...luckily tonight they let me do a special package of 3 High Pressure tans! High pressure beds are so awesome. You lay on a comfy bed, can take a nap and refresh for 30 minutes of heated wonderfulness. I had no idea but aparantly regular 32 beds have bulbs of 180watts, while high pressure's bulbs are 1800 watts! That's a HUGE difference!! 
I also made it to workout tonight! I have got to say, I absolutely LOVE my Zumba class! It's lots of dancing, booty shaking and core training. We move and groove and by the end of it my abs were BURNING. I could feel them with each shimmie! I just love that i'm able to keep up now! During class she had us do football runs. When I used to do football runs I always felt like my legs were turning into jello and I was going to fall down and die! Tonight however I did my football runs and kept right on going, jumping around like a dancin' fiend! I am going to be one SEXY bride!!!!!
Tomorrow we have a BUSY day! We are going out shopping for cake ingredients with Spencer's sister. We will also be going to get our marriage license, sending information to our DJ, finalizing the order of events and possibly heading out to get my wedding ring sized and everything cleaned! But the exciting part is that at 7:30p.m. Spencer and I have 100 minute massages!!!!! I can't wait to lie down and let Teri and Sherri work out all the kinks! I have never had a professional massage before, and neither has Spencer, so it should be a really awesome experience! Although, I fear we are going to become quickly hooked! We have a couples massage on the beach when we go on our honeymoon! By the way....Have I told you how freaking excited I am for our honeymoon?!?!


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Yay congrats! I can't wait!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I'm so excited for you girl. Haven't been commenting much but ya know, I always read your lovely blog. :) Time sure flies, and you once said to me "October is going to be a perfect month"...I think you were right. :)

Happy weekend. :)